I have sat down many times in the past, knowing what to do, and how to do that.
Guess how these attempts ended. Yes, the girl in the third row (and everyone around her) was right – frustration.
There’s a reason why people decide to write, and if I venture a guess, the reason is a need. An internal urge to find an outlet for some feeling/s. But the other reason is, that we think we can.
If a person doesn’t think he can write he or she just won’t write.We most definitely can write, and pretty well.
But what I want to say is that you should not translate “can write” into “cannot write much better”.
During my meta-strolls through the web, I read many articles and blog posts from famous and published authors. They all offer various insights of the writing process, and they share great tips and information. One would highlight the characters, while another might highlight the plot or what ever the case might be. But if there is one single lesson to be learned from each and every one of them it is that – Listen.
You are a talented person. You have a gift, and obviously you need to use it in order to give other people joy. If you would like to actually make it to their bookstores and libraries, you need to constantly work on your skills. I know I need to.

So, after the first lesson which was the famous “Writers write”, the second one is – Make sure that before you sit down and start writing, you do some significant reading. I believe every single one of us is a kind of a book worm. I never heard of a writer who doesn’t read, a lot. So this is education. We are impressed by what we read, and are inspired. Then, we read what these great writers have to say about writing, and take what clicks with us (I promise, a lot will click…). We begin writing, and we don’t stop listening. Listening to others, and to ourselves. After all, skills and inspiration might come from the outside, but the drive, and acceptance come from within.

I love listening. If you have any comment, I’ll be happy to listen to you.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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