After starting my first blog, I stopped and thought to myself “Why start a blog?”

I know. It’s a little funny (read: strange) that I had to start one before I had a clear purpose. But then again, the first one is kind of spiritual outlet. People might read that one and think I fell on my head and finally lost it.

This blog has a real target – To document my road from a writer-wannabe to a published writer.

Before I decided that this is what I want to do with my life, I wrote a lot. I wrote poetry, both in my mother tongue (Hebrew) as well as in English. I love English. I love it so much that in fact, most of my thoughts are thought in English.

So I decided I want to be a writer. I made it my intention, and the first thing that came to mind was “Now what?”

I can write, and judging by close friends and family, I can do so quite well. But I never learned how to do it. I read a lot, and I understand quite a bit about writing. But I never did well in literature in school, nor have I followed my love into college.

I need some kind of education.

One thing that life taught me is that it is always better to get to the source. I am lucky enough to live in times when electronic media is so well-developed, and the abundance of information on the web is overwhelming. With a few simple google searches, I was able to find the basic guidance, and then some.

These sources are so good, and so helpful that it makes me grateful to the point that I have to share it.

So, why blog? The reason is simple – share information.

What I intend to share are two things. My experience and development as a beginning writer (it sure feels nice to call myself that, before publishing anything) as well as links and insights I find along the way.

If at the end of this first incline of my learning curve I get published, or someone who reads this does, then – mission accomplished!

Thank you, and now I better get back to work, because the first lesson I learned about becoming a writer is that a writer writes!

I will not leave you without saying thanks to some really important people, who  I do not personally know (which is a shame):

Isaac Asimov
Robert Silverberg
Tad Williams
Roger Zelazny‘s
Douglas Adams
John Grisham
Stephen King

There are plenty of other exceptionally gifted authors, but these men have left the strongest mark on my way of thinking about writing.

The next post will be more insightful, I promise!

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