No, I did not develop a superiority complex, or lost my mind. Well, if I did I wouldn’t be able to be a fair judge of my mental state, but that being said – I AM a god.

What is the reason for my assessment? Well, I don’t know if I told you that before, but the novel I started working on (YES, I STARTED :-)) is a fantasy novel. And as such, requires the creation of a new world! from scratch. Originally I thought of growing a long white beard, dressing up in a long white robe and speaking with a very deep voice. That however would take time, and scare the kids. So, I guess I will have to just refer to myself as almighty and get cracking.

How do I start? There are about a gazillion questions that one have to ask himself when considering a new world. You will see a very interesting link at the very bottom, that will show you what I mean by gazillion, but for now let’s just ask a few basic questions:

1. What would this world look like from a geographic point of view? Will there be continents? How many? Is that a sea world type of planet? IS it a planet?
2. Is that an “earth like” planet? Was it created by men??? What do the sky look like?
3. What kind of life forms live in that world? human like? human? completely different?
4. What’s the weather like?
5. What kind of vegetation? forestry?
6. Are there animals? are they intelligent? what kind of intelligence?
7. Is there some kind of magical power involved?
8. Do the living beings believe in god? gods? nothing?
9. How did these beings come to be? Were they evolved on the planet? Did they come from somewhere?
10. Is there technology in this world? What level? Is there something that we haven’t even dream of here on earth?

These are just some very basic questions that I have to answer, in order to make the story believable, interesting, meaningful.

So I decided to start like a real god. I said “Let there be light!” and simultaneously turned the light switch on. That was kind of funny (for me). Then I started creating order from chaos. Drawing the world, what it includes, just general lines. Then I zoomed in a little to give it more details. Details that will support my story.

I am still in the process of refining that wonderful world of mine, and I have to admit that part of me is a little afraid that I will like my current position as a GOD so much, I might make my characters believe in me!

So, I hope you had a taste, and keeping my promise above, here is the LINK to “Fantasy World building Questions” By Patricia C. Wrede which I found more than satisfying (and she calls this “part 1″… oh, the horror…)

I will leave you again with a nice musical intervention until next time:

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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