Ok, so I feel good about putting up a nice (I think so) short story out there for people to read (Did you notice the nice plug? ;)). But in the last few days I spotted a strange happening.

This whole journey started on the premise of writing a novel and publishing it. This is still my main concern. However, along the way, I started getting these ideas… A short story here, another one there, a series of stories based on some theory I have an interest in…

An argument could be made that since I started “taking this seriously”, and let my mind run wild on fantasy, a well of ideas opened and the flow of new and exciting imagery is overflowing. I get the idea, and – obviously – immediately jot it down in a notebook so it won’t get lost. Then, my mind is wrapped up in that new story and I feel the need to develop this, and at times I get completely sucked up into this. So this is a good thing, right?

It could be.

OR, it could be that the task of developing my novel from my recently completed outline is scarier task than it once seemed like… and all these new ideas are nothing but my mind’s way of distracting me away from that mission. Now, I didn’t mean “Task” or “Mission” to be a negative. I really love the plot, characters and settings of my novel to be. I think that it is more these decisions I referred to in a previous post that are scary. Once I answer these questions, I kind of commit and the writing will go down a certain path. Is that the right path? Will I need to revise these decisions? How hard would that be?

I can rationalize my digression. See, writing is writing, and as long as I do, whether it’s a short story or a novel, I am (hopefully) getting better at this craft.

But If I do not sit and write my novel, my novel is not being written.

How about you? I have to assume that I am not alone on this… how do you see this? as a distraction or a new and exciting development? How to you reconcile?

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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