I wrote here a few days ago about a short story I wrote for a contest, therefore I cannot share it on any electronic platform. I did however need input. Luckily, I have joined a writers group and last night I read some of it out (Well, some of it was read out courtesy of a fellow writer :)).
I won’t tell you what was specifically said. I took all comments seriously, and after reflecting on it, I should have done a better job to begin with. I am not beating myself up, just setting things up for this:

I was trying to understand where the comments came from, as some related to suspending disbelief (A very important element in fiction). After some discussion it hit me (I get hit a lot lately…) – I wrote the story. I am NOT required to suspend disbelief because I KNOW what’s going to happen. Stupid huh?

But this is something that every writer should probably pay ample attention to. If someone who reads your draft asks a question that suggests a big logical leap of faith, you need to consider the way to introduce the event, character, object, whatever in question.

Did you provide a reasonable rational to this element? How would you react if you were sitting in a cinema, watching a movie in which an element appeared the way it did in your story? Would you say “Ridiculous! that could NEVER happen”? or would you smile and say “Hmm… I wonder HOW they would explain this?”. If you would say the latter, the writer provided enough reasons for you to suspend your disbelief

I so enjoy people telling me how great of a writer I am. But I am so grateful for people who point out and call out “The king is naked!” as without their input I’d never put on some cloths right?

I hope that my changes (which are already done by the way) have improved my story. Unfortunately my “real job” is calling, and it will take some time until I get to show and tell again…

But this place is still alive, and I plan to keep it that way through my hiatus. So check back people, and let me know what your experience was/is with suspension of disbelief.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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