I am here to apologize to whoever reads my blog, but mainly to myself, for being a lazy bum in this last week.
This is not to say I sat completely idle, but I have been contemplating a dilemma…

As i wrote here on multiple occasions, I started working on a fantasy novel (or novella, not a 100% sure yet :)). And during my work I have already wrote a couple of short stories, either as a distraction or as a way to work at my skills.

But as days went by I felt compelled to start work on yet another novel (or novella, not a 100% sure yet :)).
I absolutely love the idea behind my original fantasy book, but at the same time I am committed to write the other book. It is based on some “spiritual stuff” I am learning about, and this idea is just irresistible to me…

For the fantasy book, I have completed the outline and even managed to write a couple of pages. I wonder if the fact that I can’t seem to pick this back up is because what i wrote so far is total garbage, or perhaps it’s the self critic in me, who cannot accept that I am capable of producing quality text… I need a hug 😦

For the other book, I am not doing a formal outline. I do have a high level outline that is based, as mention, on a spiritual journey (is there such a thing? or perhaps one day there will be “The Gil Shalev spiritual hero’s journey“?). I completed that outline and even wrote 4 or 5 pretty good (I think…) pages.

I have plenty of ideas for short stories, which might come to fruition here and there too.

So, idle? no. Lazy? ‘fraid so…

I think that what I will do is commit myself here to a weekly flash fiction, or perhaps a short story in parts.
So, let us set Fridays for this purpose, and I hope you enjoy these posts.

Here’s for productivity!


I got my Kindle yesterday!!! Huzzah for me!!! 🙂 I love reading and the idea of carrying a whole book case every where I go is fantastic.

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