This weekend was one of great accomplishments, albeit not on the literary field. Yours truly, not a man known for his love of physical labor, has committed himself to some back-breaking tasks. I have pushed, pulled and balanced some heavy machinery, and while a feeling of fulfillment washed over me as I was working, A new feeling of incredible muscle and joints pain washed it right off just an hour into my well deserved rest…
This is not some excuse for why I made no significant progress on my book/s. This is just me bragging about doing some “real man work” and paying the price. And now, on to the burning topics of this week.

I have to reconsider a lot of the work I did on the outline for the fantasy book. I realized that, while definitely not “just fiction”, it is not entirely fantasy… It is lacking a very important element. Perhaps it should stay as is, and perhaps I should stop calling it a fantasy book… I am still contemplating… The story just did not call for magic, and I wonder if one could really consider a story, as fantastic as it is (and it is), a true fantasy one. I’d love to hear opinions on that one…

The other bit of somewhat frustrating news is that I cannot find the general outline for the other book I started working on… I normally type it and save it in a very intuitive location on my laptop. This one, however stayed on a notepad… and this notepad… I don’t know where it is 😦 If anyone finds a yellow notepad with some crazy ideas (Kids – I’m looking at you) please let me know. The honest finder gets a credit 🙂

With that out of the system, I was sitting outside my office waiting for my ride home, when a NEW idea for yet another book hit me. I don’t know about other folks, but I get pulled by these new ideas. I think to myself “Damn, I have to tell that story” and then “Damn, I already have two in the works” and eventually “Damn, what am I going to do?”
Time is so sparse and the ideas pile up like inbox marketing leaflets (just better ideas hopefully) and patience is not my biggest asset… So what does one do? Do I split my time yet again? Do I put THAT notepad in a safe for later date? Do I go out in the street and start shouting incoherently and await institutionalization?

I’ll be happy to hear answers to any of the questions above… and hopefully will have something else to share this week before the Friday’s treat 🙂

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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