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Watch It
Gil Shalev – May 2011

The two people in front of me were working their way down the happy winding road we call love at first sight. The man was a tall and muscly executive from a big software house, and the woman was a spitting image of Cindy Crawford circa 1990. It all started when they met at a coffee shop in the food court of the high-tech complex both worked out of, and the beginning was quite banal. Man meets woman, tries a line, the line works and he gets her number. What can I say? Two good-looking people who seem to click.
The plot thickened, so to speak, when Ron called the number and another man picked up the phone “Hello?”
“Err… I’m sorry, I got the wrong number”
“Did you now?” the hint of a smile crept in the other man’s voice
“Yes, thanks” Ron hung up
Claudia looked up from the dinner table and asked “Who was that, Hun?”
“Oh no one babe, just a wrong number”
She went back to the Sudoku and tried to wrap her head around the middle bracket “What are you planning for tomorrow then?”
The man adjusted the volume on the stereo that was playing some Oldies and halfheartedly said “Nothing much. I got a meeting with a client in the morning, and then I was going to go back home for a nap. Why, you wanna have lunch?”
“No, sorry babe, I got to be in court from ten. The Rosen’s case is starting, you know”
“Oh, that big one you told me about”
“Yeah, it’s a killer” she drained her glass of wine and headed to the shower.
James Nesbitt waited until his wife went to the bathroom, and when he heard the water running, he sat at his computer and picked up her cell phone to lookup the last incoming number. He opened that cute website that reverses the search and got an address downtown.
“Nice place you got there Mr. what?” he had to suppress a laugh “Ron Regan? Are you kidding me?”
He wrote the address on a little notepad he took from his suit inner pocket and replaced it when he was done, putting the cell phone back on the counter.


Claudia was sitting cross-legged in a stunning white dress that highlighted every feature that turned so many heads in the street. She was listening to the opening speech made by that smug ass Perkins, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She didn’t care much about what the young attorney was saying. She was more than ready, and a hell of a lot more experienced than the cocky kid. She delivered her own opening speech and that was that. She had a couple of hours to burn.
“Hello? Ron?”
“Hey, I tried calling you last night but I think I got the number wrong”
“Oh? That’s ok. Say, I am done for today. Do you have time for lunch? Coffee?”
“Sure, let me just wrap something up here and I’ll meet you downstairs?”
“I’m at court, but give me twenty minutes”
“Good deal”
Ron fixed his shirt, disciplined his pants and brushed his teeth in the restroom. He took a little stroll down at the plaza and entered the coffee shop exactly twenty minutes after he hung up the call.
He ordered his drink and was adding some cream when, in came the prettiest sight he laid his eyes on since the day before, and probably longer. Claudia waved at him, and passing him on her way to order, she let her hand rub his shoulder “grab us a table, would you?”
He smiled back and sat at one of the corner tables, away from the entire laptop winging coffee drinking crowd that annoyed him on most days, and even more so on this one.
Conversation was so easy with her, and Ron was in the zone. He had no doubt that it is a matter of hours, not days, before he gets to taste that beauty and who knows, it could actually be it. She could possibly be the one. On top of her looks, the woman had a sharp brain, great sense of humor and most important, she was not holding back. There was chemistry, and he was a pharmacist working on a prescription for a medicine he was seeking for five years.
Eddie was just like that he though I even have to admit that she was not that hot
“So, Ron” she wiped some foam from her red lips “Do you have any plans for tonight?”
Hmm… Should I go for the casual answer? Maybe some humor? Oh, fuck that, I want to spice it up. She’s definitely game
“Yes, I do”
Her eye brows prompted him “I have a plan that involves me, you, a bottle of wine and no sleep” he laughed
She slapped his wrist, shook her head slowly “Naughty boy. I like the way you think” she said, her voice climbing in pitch “Where do you live?”
He gave her the address.


James was not enjoying himself as much as he thought he would. The computer guy was quite clueless when it came to the bed. From his vantage point, he could see it all clearly, but he was not aroused at all. She picked up some classless types in the past, but none of them were that bad. He went back home.


“Of course I knew, I’m not that blond, am I?” Claudia laughed
His ego a little wounded, he asked “Why didn’t you tell me then?”
“It would have lost its charm that way. Think about it”
She held him with both hands “Hey, come on James, what’s really upsetting you? Is it me knowing? Or is it you not enjoying this one time?”
“I don’t know” he shook his head
“You know what? Why don’t we do it differently? Next time, you chose. Surprise me”


I put the pencil down and reflected on the results. The illustrations are fantastic. Every detail in place, and I couldn’t be happier with the style. Too bad I can’t send that in… Marcus would have my head for this crap. I placed the fine strips of comics in my drawer for future use and returned to “Milky, the super cow” which is what I actually get paid for.


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