This is a completely off topic post in my blog, but I run this place, so I’m allowed.
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Now, I am not an US national, I simply live and work here in Georgia.
This weekend is dedicated to the remembrance of the US soldiers who gave their life to perform the tasks they were handed by the US governments throughout the years.

I spend some time in different forums, both online and in “real life” and from time to time I hear some people ask something along the lines of “Why should I support the soldiers who do this or that?” normally with regards to Irak or Afghanistan.

That question never fail to amaze me. Why? because these soldiers were sent there by the government who was democratically elected by the people of this nation. It is just as simple as that.

You may not agree with a policy of a certain administration. You may disagree with the views of the president. You may think that the CAUSE is wrong. You may even be right.

The being right part stops with the uniformed men.

They are people who risk their lives to fulfill the orders they were given. They are men and women who are willing to do what most of their critics are not, in order to do what the administration believes to be the right thing. The same administration that is in power because the people gave it to them.

Some American people have a lot to say about the wars and conflicts around the world, and they have very firm opinions about the US involvement in these.

It’s true that mistakes were made. It’s true that the history of US involvement in world-wide conflicts could be a subject of much discussion. But all of that is on the politicians. NOT the soldiers.

American soldiers helped bring WWI and WW2 to a close. American soldiers were doing and ARE doing some unbelievable things, Sacrificing so much for the greater good.

That is why, whenever I see an American soldier, I look at him or her with the respect they fully deserve. There are many topics where I’d encourage debates and discussions. If there is one thing I believe should be a consensus, It is the soldiers.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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