I know it’s quite a pretentious title for a simple update post but it sure feels good and that’s what I’m all about here. Feeling good.

I am joining some new and interesting forums, groups and with every new one, new insights are visible. Pink Floyd might have referred to that with “The Wall“, although I guess it could apply to so many other things. For me, it is the shedding of layers from over my eyes and seeing everything there is to see.

One of the opportunities I had the chance to get was to have my first chapter reviewed by a seasoned writer and get her feedback.
I’m happy to report that I learned the lesson about defending my work and truly listened to the comments she made. They made perfect sense to me.
First, I truly appreciated comments about commas and periods. I did not use them well. I can sit here and whine all day about English not being my first language but at the end of the day – If I want to write in English, I should do so properly.
Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t expect any of my work to be written in perfect English. I do believe that writing should not be disconnected from “real life” and we all know how people speak. However, this also cannot be an excuse for poor language.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would like my text to be readable and in touch at the same time. Something I find challenging but achievable.
Second, there were some comments about the hook. This brought me back to the lesson I learned (or am learning now) about “I wrote this story” and when I thought about it again, I decided to really listen to the comments and change a couple of things.
There were other comments about the actual story which I took some time to relate to in the revised text.

I am working on the first three chapters of my paranormal-Russia-based book (Will refer to it as “Untitled” until further notice). I took the first chapter and chopped it in half, adding what I hope will be more of a hook, and relegating some of the back story for future use. I am revealing a pivotal event there and introducing three of the main characters.
Hopefully, this will be a more engaging start, which is something every book should include. I would really like the reader to not be bored for the first few pages. That would be a death-blow to the book.

So work is in progress both in “volume” as well as quality (I hope 🙂 ) and I am happy that some major flaws were found at such an early stage.

I am entertaining two additional avenues for the future. I love writing for kids, and I think it is safe to say that some of my work will be dedicated to them. I also enjoy short stories and I can promise that “April’s Full Day” will not be the last one to be published.

Now, back to work with me. Not sure about tomorrow or Thursday, but Friday’s treat is still on 🙂

As usual…. let me know what you think.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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