I know that on every given Friday one should be able to find a nice piece of flash fiction on this page. The fact that one could not do so today is not due to lack of motivation.

I was assigned a serious series of tasks in my “day job” and that kind of threw me out of my normal routine. I do make time to write my novel (which is priority 1 obviously) and then I had the time slots for the blog.
While I got here last Monday or Tuesday (Who knows these days…), I did not find the time to get back to some creative writing here. For this I do so humbly apologize.

I am done with 4 chapters of “Untitled” and even added a nice prologue (I know some people hate it, but I think it’s a must on this one…) so I was not lazy this week. I implemented some of the great advice I received and I willingly admit it looks better.

I joined a very important indie author website and I hope anyone checks it out – http://indieauthorbloghop.com/ you can find reference on the side bar. This website “streams” posts from many indie authors on the web. We’re talking best-selling authors, authors about to become best sellers and folks like me LOL. Seriously though. You should GO AND READ!

I came home today, a little tired after a long day at the office and went straight to the pool with the band of energizer bunnies, otherwise known as my kids, and only upon our return from the wet facility did we bother to check the mailbox.

Well, what do you know? I got my proof copy of “April’s Full Day” from createspace.com!!! Huzzah! Hurray! and other exclamations!!!

I’m like a child with his trophy now 🙂 This one goes to my mom back in Israel. I know SHE will be proud of her little 40 y/o boy.

I went through it quickly (It’s a short story) and I don’t think there will be any changes to be made.

On a technical note: I made some slight changes here with the layout (Which I like, I hope you do too) and I added a little page I called “Writer Resources” where I transferred some reference links that I found useful.

That’s about it for now people.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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