Hello and welcome everyone. I want to use this post to send an open letter to the prime minister of Israel, Beyamin Netanyahu. This is completely off topic, but for me this is of extreme importance. This is not a political piece and I am not debating political views. Just a moral human issue that is shrinking our existence for five long years. I would like anyone who stumbles on this post to read it, whether the initial interest was literary or not. One more word before I begin, I am likely to use some “adult language” so I apologize for rudeness, but believe me, it is called for…

June 24, 2011

Mr. Netanyahu,

Five years ago, I was working in Toronto Canada, contemplating a return to my native land of Israel, when a news flash came up saying that a military base within the borders of Israel was attacked and that one soldier is missing. Being an Israeli, my heart sunk. Unfortunately we all know the ritual. A period of silence followed by a gloating announcement from the kidnappers “We got your guy!”. Then, a list of demands. Then a varying period of negotiations and internal debates. After that, a plea for international pressure. And so on and so forth. My first thoughts, beyond sympathy to the soldier, were “Oh my god, here is another family who’s about to enter the torturous path of the unknowns.”
Gilad Shalit was taken and his family is spending the last five years on a non-stop roller coaster. Highs of hopes followed by lows of despair. Much more of the latter. The constant struggle to keep skepticism and despair at bay. The need for information that is exclusively controlled by the very people who have their son.
I knew this was going to happen five years ago when Gilad Shalit was taken. I decided to go back to Israel and lived there for three years before another oversea adventure came up. These days I live in the US and have been for a year and six months.
I CANNOT BELIEVE that I lived in three different countries, had a child, experienced so many things and STILL, the government of Israel cannot find the way to BRING GILAD SHALIT HOME!

Mister Prime Minister,

During these 5 years I heard the usual debates:

    The price is too high:

The Hamas (Who holds Gilad Shalit) is asking for hundreds of terrorists who are imprisoned in Israel for JUST ONE SOLDIER. People are actually treating this issue as a MATHEMATICAL EQUATION!

Mr. Netanyahu – Please wake up and realize that this is BULL SHIT! How do you measure the life of a man? How do you measure the life of a family? Are you REALLY going to sit there and tell me that a soldier’s life doesn’t worth hundreds of people you look down to as lowlifes? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???


The people who the Hamas demand in return to Gilad Shalit are dangerous terrorists who will go back to do what they did before – trying to kill Israelis.

Mr. Netanyahu – You are the commander-in-chief. You command the best army in the world. IT IS YOUR JOB to do whatever you can do, and use everything in your disposal to PREVENT that. YOU WANTED THIS JOB! YOU WANTED THAT RESPONSIBILITY! now DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

    Consequences 2:

If we release all these people, it will encourage the terrorists to keep trying to kidnap Israelis.

Mr. Netanyahu – The motivation to hurt Israelis did not decline. It WILL NOT decline if we let Gilad Shalit rot in prison. and again, IT IS YOUR JOB to do whatever you can do, and use everything in your disposal to PREVENT that. YOU WANTED THIS JOB! YOU WANTED THAT RESPONSIBILITY! now DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

    The other side:

Consider the families of people who lost their lives to terrorist attacks. What about THEIR FEELINGS?

I want to say this plain and simple – I HAVE ALL THE SYMPATHY to these families. They have lost more than I can imagine. I do not envy them now, and I do not want to inflict further pain on them. But we all have to remember that keeping these low-lifes who killed their family members in prison WILL NOT BRING THEM BACK. Gilad Shalit IS ALIVE! THERE IS A CHANCE TO SAVE HIS LIFE! I do apologize if that seems insensitive, but the fact remains that we can BRING GILAD SHALIT HOME. ALIVE!

I could go on and on about the reasons people DO NOT want to trade terrorists for Gilad Shalit, but quite frankly I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

Gilad Shalit is a soldier. He went to the army because the military service in Israel is compulsory. He was sent to do a job BY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT (Who commands the army). He was taken ON DUTY. There is a DEBT OF HONOR to be paid and I (as many others) EXPECT the government to PAY THAT PRICE!

And I DO mean NOW!

Before it’s too late. Before we have another Ron Arad. Before another family is totally ruined due to incompetence.

So my request to you is simple – BRING GILAD SHALIT HOME NOW!!!

That is of course if you’re no too fucking busy fucking every aspect of life in Israel up…

Sincerely yours,

Gil Shalev

P.S. I didn’t vote for you!


Here end of letter.

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