Well, I told you about this new writers group I was going to join right? Well

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I went last night and I am definitely happy I made that choice. This group is what we call a “Satellite group”. A group of writers who all belong to the big community who meets on a regular basis in a bigger forum.

I am not giving up on the bigger forum as that’s a place where you meet more people every time, get some interesting feedback and provide your own. Not to mention I happen to like these folks 🙂

The satellite group though, is the place where we would do the bulk of our work. Since there are fewer people, there’s more time. Each writer‘s work gets to be more thoroughly reviewed and that gives every member a great deal of feedback to consider.

In addition, working in this small group has the advantage that everyone is more familiar with your work. Your characters are not as “random” as they might seem to an occasional listener. Your plot, your outline, it all becomes part of the knowledge with which every person gets to work on reviewing your text. Think about it for a few minutes. Is there a greater advantage than this?

Personalities vary. You will likely not group with people you have nothing in common with. But be aware! Too much in common might not be what you NEED. Diversity is important. Different outlooks, different philosophies if I may say so here. These are also very important to you.

That being said, I really like the group of individuals in my little group. We seem to have found a good mix of styles, topics, experience. It’s probably what made me join this group. The right mix of people.

Yet another layer of working with a smaller group is – commitment. When you NEED to provide new material every week, you must be committed. You have to set your goals and follow them. That is one more aspect of becoming a “real writer”. After all, we keep saying – writers write, right? Well, write!

The “flip side” of this is encouragement. It becomes somewhat of a support group. In the sense that we all share a common goal.

Now. I hope that what you get out of the above is that working with a small group is a great way to improve your work. But besides the “Work” part which is involved with this setup, there is one thing that I think is an absolute must.

Talk. Listen. Enjoy.

Talk. Share your views on anything and everything. Tell your friends about the book you just read, or the book fair you just attended.

Listen. Your friends might just share a personal experience, or a joke. This is a great source of inspiration in itself.

We’re not here to suffer. I don’t write better when I’m miserable and I’m definitely not more inspired.

Don’t make it a chore… make it fun. Make it pleasant.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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