On June 24th, 2011 I posted THIS ENTRY. It was an open letter to Benyamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel. I asked/demanded/begged him to do his job and BRING GILAD SHALIT HOME!.

If you read the news (Assuming they report about it…), you know that Gilad has made it home. Finally. Over five loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong years of captivity, Gilad is free.

I Would like to use this public domain to say: THANK YOU! THANK YOU BIBI. THANK you to each one of the 26 who voted “Yes“! THANK YOU to ALL of the people in Israel and around the world who kept Gilad’s name in the light. THANK YOU GOD!

It is so late. But it is not TOO late. Gilad is ALIVE! We brought him back alive! That is ALL that matters.

My blessings to Gilad, his amazing family and relatives!

I feel proud to be part of a nation who values LIFE! NOTHING worth more than LIFE itself.

My facebook profile photo during these past 5+ years was a slight variation of this one:

I am so happy to finally show my (literally) real face on my home page at facebook 🙂

Welcome home Gilad!


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