After the celebrations, it’s back to work on my blog. Let me share something with you. I completed just about 20% of my novel. I wrote about 20K words and they are beautiful! They are ordered nicely in chapters and if you read them, my story will begin to unravel in front of your eyes. You will get to know where my story takes place, in which time and who my main characters are. You will also get a glance of the external antagonistic forces and perhaps you might even think there’s a good story about to unfold. This Saturday and Sunday I heard a knock on my door. The sky got darker and I heard ominous music play. It got louder as I came closer to the door. I opened it and…

A CAN OF WORMS! As promised in the title.

After the most productive weekend (In terms of literary leaning) I realized that, while some of those 20k words might still live to see daylight, they will have to do one of the following things:

1. Move to a new location.
2. Find their correct place within the context of where they are.
3. Be transformed into OTHER words.


Join the ridiculously large amount of words which respectfully reside in the trash can.

You know what? I thought of another option – They could be put “on hold” and be used in a completely different story.

Confused? So was I for a while. I really thought I KNEW what a scene was. I was absolutely SURE I had the hero’s journey down like no one’s business, I had no doubt that my ending was REALLY SOMETHING. Well it was. SOMETHING AWE FULL! (and not in a good way…)

And then came “writers in the darkworkshop.

At this point, some of you might be shaking their heads and saying “Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt”. Well, how should I put it in plain terms? NO. NO. and NO. Although, regarding that T-Shirt, I can tell you where you’d be able to get it.

And me saying “But you don’t know about THIS workshop” won’t necessarily convince you, but you DON’T. So here I am telling you that there is simply nothing like it. Period.

On this website I have a “writers resources” page with nice references to some very helpful pools of knowledge. I still hold them as important. You should definitely check them out.

After you read through them, I can also recommend some very good books on the subject of writing novels (My favorite to date – Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. You’re welcome.

Now let me say this. You have 2 choices. You could read all of these books and attend every author Q&A available and THEN take the “Writers in the dark” workshop. Or you can just go ahead and take it. Because you can and will always gain by doing so.

What is this workshop all about?

Let me first tell you what it is NOT about:

1. It is NOT about a sales pitch.
2. It is NOT about a PART of writing.
3. It is NOT about listening to someone telling you all about how HE did it.
4. It is NOT about getting your money and then spending the rest of the time trying to get MORE money out of you.

Now let’s talk about what it IS about:

1. It’s about UNDERSTANDING (Note: not learning, but understanding) the fundamentals of story structure. There is a distinct difference between learning (which is what you do by reading the books) and understanding the fundamentals as they apply to YOUR work.
2. It’s about UNDERSTANDING (same note) the hero’s journey. Sneeze at this concept at your own risk.
3. It’s about UNDERSTANDING characters and archtypes.
4. It’s about UNDERSTANDING Point of view – Here’s a topic that makes new writers bang head on table. “What do you MEAN POV”? Come and you shall understand it. And understand it as it applies to YOU and YOUR novel.
5. It’s about plot and sub-plot and pacing and scene and dialogue and…

I hope you get the idea. This is NOT a simple “wham bam, thank you mam”, let’s cram a lot of stuff together and charge some money from innocent Grisham wannabes. This is a structured, comprehensive and RELEVANT workshop.

Are you a seasoned writer? Did you publish something before? Did it sell well? Good for you! I attended a workshop with someone just like you. Well, not exactly. She was also a well known person to boot. Still, she came out of this workshop with some very significant added value.

I now see things I was blinded to. This experience shone light on a few elements in my novel-to-be that would have absolutely KILLED my novel before it was born. And I honestly owe it to this enlightening workshop. But don’t take ONLY my word for it (although you KNOW I’m good for it!). Take all of these people’s word (Including, yes, PUBLISHED authors): “Writers in the dark” workshop testimonials

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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