Well hello there 🙂

After my rant a few days ago, I’m compelled to post another blog update. This time it’s all about me and my work. So, with no further ado. Here goes.

If you go back in time (a feat that can be achieved by looking at past posts here), you’d notice that a lot of progress was reported on the novel front. Today I sit here before you to say that I’m pretty much at the beginning of the writing process. Confused? Give me a minute (or twenty) and I’ll explain.

I started writing this book almost 8 months ago and since the day I dreamed up my concept, I made some pretty impressive word count. During these months I went through some very important turns and junctions. First and foremost, I took the writers in the dark workshop which I wrote about in a previous post. This has literally changed my point of view on writing. That was followed by a very deep and intense flushing out of the real story within the jumble of ideas that I considered a story before… You see, if you read Stephan King’s book “On writing” you’d remember that he made the analogy between writing an archaeology. Basically, it’s like brushing away all the dust and fluff and leaving the magnificent T-Rex that’s left in there. Then, once you have the REAL skeleton, you begin with the reconstruction. So… That’s where I am. I can see some of that beautiful skeleton coming out, and it’s really exciting. With the help of two fine ladies (who I will mention on the novel’s credit page lol) I’m going through the somewhat painstaking process of excavations.

In terms of word count, it means I went backwards. But here’s a tip, and I’ll give it for free – Never throw words away. Keep them. You might find a better use for them later on. What I do when I have to re-write, or make significant changes is start a new version of the draft. That way, if in the middle of writing a new scene in my latest version I think of that wonderful Dialogue that didn’t fit in previous versions but would make perfect sense on this one, guess what? Copy/Paste is all it takes. Hey, it might not SOUND artistic enough, but believe me that many a famous writers would have killed to have that feature in their type writers.

And here’s something that I’m trying to do in my scenes.


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