Welcome back and happy Passover/Easter/Any holiday you might be celebrating these days. You know, I’m not a religious guy. Not in the “conventional” sense. I believe in god. It’s not necessarily what others perceive but I do believe that there is “something out there” and it’s higher than us in a sense. Born Jewish I celebrate our traditional holidays and tonight after telling my kids the story of the Exodus it kind of hit me. God is also a fantastic literary genius. I mean no disrespect to anyone, so please read the below with the understanding that it’s only a fun way to look at story telling. I’m not looking to “take sides” or to go out of my way to be “anti”.

If you read my previous posts, and/or if you know what The Hero’s Journey is, you’d be able to follow this and get what I’m doing. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to still follow along and hopefully learn to like that concept. So with no further ado, here’s The Hero’s Journey, the Exodus version:

  • Ordinary world: Moses (Protagonist) watches sheep for a living. Not too bothered with “politics”.
  • Call to adventure: Incident with cruel Egyptian, Moses strikes him down. The burning bush, Moses is summoned by god to go to pharaoh and demand the freedom of his people.
  • Refusal of the call: Moses clearly says that he’s not the one, he’s a shy shepherd who stutters. Who will follow him?
  • Meeting the mentor: Aaron, Moses’ brother is a wise and well spoken men. He will support him no matter what.
  • Crossing the threshold: Moses throw’s down his stick and turns it into a snake. pharaoh’s wizards turn three sticks into three snakes, yet Moses’ snake eats the three others.
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies: Moses, the unknown shepherd, needs to lead the nation, who will follow? Will god fulfill his promises?
  • Approach the inmost cave: The first nine plagues of Egypt. The plan doesn’t seem to work. pharaoh keeps changing his mind. God orders Moses to instruct his people to mark their doors so god will pass over their houses when he strikes the Egyptians with the tenth plague.
  • Ordeal: Death of the Firstborn. God himself (Not through a messenger, but god) comes down and strikes Pharaoh‘s people. Pharaoh send Moses and his people away, Moses is a leader about to take his men on a journey back to Israel.
  • Reward, Seizing the Sword: The people of Israel are masters of their fate and they make for the desert. However Pharaoh and his army are chasing them.
  • The road back, Resurrection, : The people of Israel make it to the red sea but are unable to cross. Pharaoh’s army is closing in on them. Moses looks up to god.
  • Return with Elixir: Moses parts the sea and the people of Israel cross. Moses puts down his stick and the sea closes on the chasers.

That was the 1st part of the trilogy. Try doing this exercise with the 2 sequels:

40 years in the desert and Return to the land of milk and honey. Both available in a bible near you 🙂

Anyway, time for me to get back to work on my novel. See you all back here soon. Let me know what you thing.

p.s. – Great relevant song below

3 thoughts on “The literary genius that is the story of the Exodus

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    I apologize, but am still suffering from the remains of carpal tunnel. Since it is Passover tonight, I wanted to go back to this post and the Hero’s Journey! I will be back soon with new material!

    Thank you for your patience.



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