I blatantly STOLE this idea from this great post – and first of all I’ll send you over there to go through the great list of songs and the videos and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Are you back? Great.

So, here they are, my top ten favorite air guitar classics. I will go on record that I did most of them on a tennis racket and then simply in air. Some of them I can semi pull on a guitar these days, but no one will ever hear that. I’m a writer, not a rock star.

10. Sultans of SwingDire Straits

One of the world’s top three guitar players in my book, Mark Knopfler, bringing joy to my youth 🙂 Played with his fingers and making every little plucking of a string count. Along with Springsteen, Dire Straits brought Rock and Roll into my life as early as my 11th birthday.

9. Welcome home (Sanitarium) – Metallica

Not the last time this band makes it in this list, and no surprise. None of them are the best at their individual role in the band, but as a band they are by FAR, the best metal band in history, and probably the biggest contributors to my air guitar supply.

8. Rockin’ in the free world – Neil Young

One of these songs that delivers on what it preaches, know what I mean?

7. Back in Black – AC DC

Not a complicated riff or two, but then again, which AC DC song is? One of the ultimate head bangers to be recorded.

6. Welcome to the jungle – Guns N Roses

When Guns N Roses weren’t busy messing themselves up they were one of the world most complete rock ensembles. Just the right amount of talent playing together in harmony. Welcome to the jungle will always be a master piece.

5. Monkey wrench – Foo Fighters

The most underrated band ever. I can listen to the Foo Fighters all day and not have enough, and this tune is a no brainer – don’t wanna be your monkey wrench ta-nanana-ta and so on 🙂

4. Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

Again, not the most complicated of songs in terms of guitar (and Jimmy Page can be pretty darn complicated), but what a fun song to play.

3. Smells like teen spirits – Nirvana

No list is complete without it… It is what it is. Teen spirits.

2. Cadillac ranch – Bruce Springsteen

Some eye brows might be raised, but hell, The River was the first English-speaking record I ever played and that song is forever burned in my head as it is in the video below, and that’s the only acceptable way to play it 🙂

1. For whom the bell tolls – Metallica

What can I say? Metallica. Air guitar. They are inseparable.

Well, I enjoyed this off topic stuff. I hope you did too. Will get back to writery stuff next time though. Gotta stay focused!!!

Do you have a list? What is your favorite? let me hear it 🙂

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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