Welcome back to my little corner of the web space. Today’s going to be a little off topic, but I’ll try to tie it back in the end.

First, let me say thank god I don’t have the right to vote for the America presidency (Not a citizen)… Back in my country, there are many more choices than ‘Democrats‘ and ‘Republicans‘. Sometimes it’s a good thing, as in, you get to “shop around” a little more. Sometimes (more often) it’s not such a bright idea, as in, no coalition can survive for long, and if it does – it’s paralyzed by the smaller parties that hold it by the balls…

The trouble I see with choosing between only two parties/candidates is the perception of the voter. If you voted for Obama – You’re a ‘Liberal’ and if you voted for McCain – you’re a ‘conservative’.

I’d venture a wild guess and estimate that the vast majority of artists consider themselves ‘Liberal’. It makes sense, doesn’t it? How can you create art, whatever form of it if you’re a ‘narrow minded conservative’? You absolutely must be a ‘enlightened liberal’. Cause we all know that art is the meaning of free and unlimited expression. Whether you write, perform, build, paint or create, you have to be open and support all things free and pure. Hence, you have to be a liberal.

But here’s the problem. What is a ‘liberal’? and what is a ‘conservative’?

Are you ALL Liberal? are you ALL conservative?

I’m very liberal when it comes to my view on human rights, but I think that the right to carry a weapon is slightly ridiculous… I’m very conservative when it comes to educating my kids (I’m not ‘their friend’ I’m a parent), but I believe I should always encourage them to pursue their dreams. I could go on and on about how I am both liberal as well as conservative on so many aspects of life, but I am being liberal and conclude that everyone got the point 😉

I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to vote for Obama, strictly on the premise that I consider myself more liberal than conservative. I’m sorry, but I am far from convinced that he is what America needs. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to vote for a person like Romney, who carries a dog on the roof of his car… I know it might sound petty, but really Mitt, Really? I’m supposed to believe that a person who does that to his own beloved dog is going to ‘take good care of little old me’? I think not… Ron Paul you say? I’ll take the 5th on that one…

So, how do I bring this thing home to writing?

When it comes to writing, I really don’t see how you can be anything other than a full-fledged liberal. Examples?

I’m not a racist (In fact, some of my best friends are… lol), but I can write a compelling character who’s a maniacal xenophobic prick… I can get into his head and write his dialogue and use horrible words that degrade races and sexes. I can make that character do things that I (the person) would want him to die for doing. And I will do that with all the enthusiasm of writing a character who’s a sweet little animal loving kid. In fact, I’ll do that with more enthusiasm, as this character is more interesting to me as a writer.

One of my all time favorite songs is Nirvana’s ‘Polly’. Ever heard this one? (If not, let me know to under which rock I should send a CD). Noticed that the song (Which is based on a true story) is written from the point of view of the sadistic kidnapper/would-be-rapist-killer? Doesn’t it make the song a tad more powerful?

In literature, please spare me of all the righteous lectures. I’m not saying Hannibal Lecter is a nice guy. I’m not expecting anyone to view him as a role model. But I AM saying that he IS the silence of the lambs just as much as Clarice Starling. Novels feature countless antagonists and villains who are despicable, events that are sad, unfortunate or even consider blasphemous. If they didn’t, none of us would be reading them.

So believe what you want, and view things the way you choose to. I’m liberal when it comes to different views. But don’t be a ‘narrow minded conservative’ with your writings 😉

Liberals and Conservatives alike are welcome to leave comments.

2 thoughts on “Liberal? Conservative?

  1. Don’t bother sending me that CD as I have never knowingly listened to Nirvana. My fav artists are people like James Taylor and Carole King. Still love the Beatles too. Regarding Liberal vs. Conservative…I think it is easier to affix labels rather than actually do the hard work of thinking. We revert easily to primitive tribal thinking. Pick up your spear and cling to your familiar tribe. People exert an amazing amount of passion and vitriol toward the other tribe. I think it’s funny in a sad sort of way how some “artists” think it’s cool to call themselves liberal, as if the creative muse will visit more often if you get your nose pierced. Or conversely, as we can easily observe is not the case, if you call yourself a conservative (or better yet a Christian conservative) that means you will behave yourself. Clearly both are not true. Neither is it true that conservatives want to poison your air, water, and food, or that liberals want to encourage promiscuity and drug use. I mean it really gets pretty silly. Most people who choose to be affiliated with a religion, choose the religion of their parents. Most people who choose to affiliate themselves with a political party choose that of their parents. If not, they choose the opposite as a reaction/rebellion to their parents. Tribalism my friend. Has very little to do with the exercise of the little grey cells. As hard as it is, and as difficult as it is, I think the best approach is to reject both. All politics is local. Look at how we live as individuals and as a group, and see each problem as holding somewhere within it a solution that begins with the smallest approach, and then if it works builds out to the largest approach. This is smart. This is non-emotional. This is economical.


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