Welcome one and all, back to my corner of the web. You haven’t heard much from me because when I wasn’t working my day job (over 4th of July among other landmark dates…), I was plotting! Yes, you heard right.

So, I write here about my work and for quite a while now. Why am I plotting now? Because there’s nothing better to do!

I’m an IT guy and my mind works (well I think it does) in a very IT kind of way… I need to see what’s the goal, what’s the high level solution, what’s the detailed design and so on and so forth. To me, it just makes perfect sense to “design” my story. You might be anything but an IT person and you would still benefit greatly from plotting (and doing so on time).

There are only two ways I know of to write a really good story (especially a novel).

One would be to plot it and then write it.
The other would be to write it and once you have that first draft, to start working on it until… you get your plot.

Now, if you’re Stephan King’s equal (and let’s face it, you’re not… ha ha ha) – by all means, get that first draft out. you’ll hit most of the necessary spots and will need some “fine tuning”.

If you’re like me (as in – first time novelist), my recommendation is – do yourself a favor. Hold your horses. Your writing is BEAUTIFUL! you are the master of words! But wait just a minute and make sure that you put these to good use.

A story without a plot is like a car without a driver (but with a brick on the accelerator). It will run. It might be exciting at first, but eventually it will hit a lake and sink so painfully slow. In the end your novel would require salvation.

A story without a plot is like a sentence that starts nicely, and…

In short, if you don’t know where you’re going, and I mean KNOW, it’s better to stop at the side of the road and consult your map. Yes, your plot. If you don’t have a map, you might want to get some help from someone who can teach you how to draw one.

Ok. So you get the idea that I’m a plotter.

Having said that (and about 387 more words ), here’s where I’m at on my novel.

I have reached almost the first quarter of my novel (as in written scenes) and starting to move forward again (Moving forward with a clear direction, and purpose) towards completing my work.

With commitment and support (which I get plenty of from my writing coach, Christina Ranallo and co writers in my writing group), I will make it happen. You’ll see!

I hope to start posting more often and reporting on progress more often.
Until the next time, please feel free to let me know what your take is on plotting. Is it important to you as it is to me? Are you even doing it?

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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