Welcome back. In my native language we have a slang saying that translates (not all that well, like most) to “The landlord went crazy”. It means that god must have decided to try us by throwing some craziness at us and watching us scramble.

Between scorching heat waves and downpour of rains that look like waterfalls, we got one nut case shooting people in a theater and that’s just the main headlines… It’s exactly days like these when I just want to disconnect from the world and escape to never-land.


So, last time we met over these pages I said I finally had my roadmap and am about to embark on my adventure with some purpose. So I have. Yours truly was able to complete two whole scenes this past week. Beyond the encouragement that comes with looking at the increasing word count, I feel especially good knowing that the words count! (Thank you Christina).

See, when I set out to write my novel, I though “Hey, All I need to do it type about 100k words that will be about something interesting”. But as I learned the hard way (Thanks to some sound advice), writing fewer meaningful words counts more than a whole lot more words that do not drive the story forward.

On the Hero’s Journey (REMEMBER?), My hero is about to meet the mentor and cross the threshold. If that’s Greek to you, I suggest to look up Joseph Campbell and do some serious reading. Trust me.

I’m writing now with complete disregard to the volume of words. This is my first draft, and guess what? When I finish it, I will have plenty of room for improvement. And if, in the end of the process I’ll be left with fewer words than I “set out to write” then so be it. I do not intend to let anything stand in my way to write a good novel.

See, I wrote about 350 words, as opposed to my usual word count 🙂

Until the next time we meet, don’t stop writing (in the free wold) and feel free to leave me a comment.

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