Ok, today I’m lazy. So here’s a link to new comments by Mrs. Sue Grafton –  http://louisvilleky.com/2012/08/more-from-sue-grafton-on-publishing-indie-writers/

Now, I honestly appreciate your clarification, and your effort to understand something which you so obviously did not until now.

The issue is that you still don’t REALLY get what self publishing is… I see that by the following quote”

When I’m asked for advice I warn many writers about the charlatans lurking out there.  I warn about the risk of being taken in by those who promise more than they actually deliver and do so at a writers expense

You see, when an indie writer self publishes – he does it by himSELF. Meaning, no one to lurk and steal the writer’s money. The writer writes his novel, he takes care of the editing, cover design, the whole thing. When his work is ready to be published, he has a plethora of publishing options. Most of them ridiculously low-cost (not to say free). http://www.smashwords.com is a wonderful site who helps indie writers publish and distribute e-books. There are multiple other options including Amazon.

And here’s the kicker – Not only self publishing allows the artist to share his art, it also allows him to earn a significantly larger amount than he would otherwise earn via a traditional publisher.

Because there’s no need to pay the publisher for what the writer does all by himself – the book can be priced MUCH lower too. So both writer and reader win!

I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ll never consider traditional publishing. That would be absolute nonsense. But I WILL go ahead and say that self publishing is likely the best thing that happened to writers and readers in a very long time.

Well, at least since Tad Williams released Shadowheart (via traditional publishing) 🙂

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