Welcome back (In case you weren’t overly shocked by my previous post 🙂 ). This one is off topic too, but I promise you, there cannot be a more positive post than this. Why? Because it’s about The Coolest Man In Rock!

If you haven’t guessed by the title, I’m talking about Dave Grohl, ExNirvana, Lead singer for Foo Fighters and drummer extraordinaire!

I love Dave Grohl (Who doesn’t?) and I wanted to discuss the 10 reasons for him being the coolest dude in Rock.

So why is Dave Grohl the coolest man in rock?

1. Because he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is not obsessed with his “status” as a “mega star”.

Because as opposed to so many tiresome singers, he’s just this guy who likes to sing and play drums and make fun of himself. His great attitude is very obvious in the following video (and on many others):

2. Because he helps new artists, and does not “oppress” his band mates – Quite the contrary.

While never letting the Foo Fighters go unproductive, Grohl still finds the time to support new bands and collaborate with other artists. See one of the best examples in the video below:

He’s also not a dictator who “oppresses” his band mates. Quite the contrary, being such a great guy, he let’s every Fighter take the center stage at the Foo Fighters concert and more importantly, has never put a wrench (excuse the pun) in any of his band mate’s aspirations. Just check out some of the other band member’s albums:

Taylor Hawkins solo album

Chris Shiftlett solo album

And come on folks, Pat Smear is a Foo Fighter! ‘Nuff said!

3. Because he knows what it’s all about

When was the last time you saw a singer stop the show simply to make sure that no one fights and hurts other fans? What a cool dude! He knows that concerts are all about having fun! And on top of bringing it every night on stage, he just goes the extra mile to please the crowd. Whether by throwing out a violent fan, or simply playing along with the fans.

4. Because he speaks out against bigotry

Humor aside, the Foo Fighters under Dave Grohl’s leadership has been outspoken where it matters and joined quite a few causes speaking up for what they believe in. One example:

5. Because he has a great sense of humor

Did you see any Foo Fighters video? Here’s a tiny sample of the plethora of funny Dave Grohl moments:

6. Because he really loves and cares about what he does

It’s apparent in the way he talks about Music, his professional choices and in many other ways. Just check out this film:

7. Because he’s one of the best drummers of all time

The below video is just a sample, but really, listen to any song he drummed…

8. Because he’s just this nice guy

Who gave you a free full album show for free?

Dave Grohl did:

Who gives a fan a beer?

Dave Grohl did –

He’s a nice guy, what can I say?

9. Because he came out of Kurt Cobain’s shadow and built an even bigger band.

How easy would it be for one to be “Nirvana’s drummer” once Kurt Cobain killed himself? Want another challenge? How about Kurt’s wife hating your guts?

Well, Grohl respects Kurt (Probably a lot more than Courtney Love) but instead of evaporating into glorified retirement he went on to build a band.

Not only is the Foo Fighters not just a shadow of Nirvana, in many ways it already topped it. People (rightfully) see Dave Grohl as a completely separate entity to Nirvana and the band is much more prolific and stable. In many people’s eyes – better.

10. Because I said so 🙂


More about Dave Grohl:

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