How many credit pages in books have you read where writers thank their kids for inspiring them? How many times did you think “Well, that’s nice. But how exactly do they do that?”. I decided that in my credit page I’ll definitely do the same. Thank my kids for inspiring me.

Today we took 3 of our 4 kids (Yes, I know…) to the Batizado. That is what you call a graduation celebration for Capoeira students. They need to be tested by their teachers and if they perform, they may receive the next cord (Which is like the belts/stripes/you name it system of many martial arts).

We’re very lucky, since our kids study Capoeira with one of the best in the world. A master (Mestre) who studied himself from the person considered THE best in the world. For the Batizado, our Mestre invited two other Mestres to join and help the students make more progress.

Mestre Robson De Jesus

The event was great fun and our kids were all rewarded with cords, the eldest even earning a slightly more advanced one. As you can see I’m one very proud parent (Facebook is crumbling under the photos/videos uploads as we speak :-)).

But me being proud is only secondary here. After the Batizado we went to celebrate with great food and friends and I had a few minutes to reflect. That’s where I finally realized I should thank my kids for inspiring me.

So how do my kids inspire me as a writer? Well, they study Capoeira with great teachers. I study writing with great teachers too. They need to earn their cords. I need to earn my stripes too. The way they inspire me is by showing me how, with practice, positive attitude, perseverance, hard work and some skill they can achieve great things in no time.

A capoerist needs to work hard. This is the number one requirement. I believe the great writers have said the same thing about writing. Nothing will help you if you’re not willing to do the work.

A capoerist needs to practice. That’s the only way one can hone his skills. Guess who else needs to practice… Yep. A short story here, a paragraph there, a blog post, a letter. Practice practice practice.

A capoerist needs positive attitude and perseverance. A writer with a bad attitude will likely produce a lot of not so good quality. A writer who gives up never finishes anything.

So, watching these young ones step up and do what it takes re-enforces in me what I already know, thus inspiring me to keep going with positive attitude and willingness to work hard in order to EARN my stripes.

Thank you kids!

What inspires you? How do your kids do that? Tell me. I’m here every day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Inspiration from my kids

  1. 🙂 Actually, quite like writing, it’s never quite too late to start. I’ve seen people in all shapes, sizes and ages do great things in Capoeira. The 40+ Mestres went in and threw a flurry of spinning kicks in a way I doubt any teenager could. It kind of makes me want to do it, but I got all my time allocated to writing these days…


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