If you heard someone cry with happiness like a little girl who just opened her birthday present and found a new Barbie, It was likely me 🙂 Want to know why? Because today…

Today I printed two words on page 287.

I’ll tell you what, I don’t believe I got here. I started working on this novel over a year ago and if you followed me, you know I had ups, downs, turns and every possible twist. I had to rewrite about 40,000 words (That’s more than half of my novel!) but you know what? I’m happy I did that. Because these words, as plenty as they were and as well crafted as they were – did not move my story towards an end!

I might as well have saved myself the hassle of being creative about it and just typed the word “tread” 40,000 times.

No, I take that back. In fact, it was important, especially for me, to go through this painful experience, and it was painful. Otherwise I wouldn’t have learned.

You know what they say – writers write. They write as much and as often as possible. Writers write a bunch of crap all the time. Don’t believe me? Ask Stephen King. Ask any great writer how much crap they write. The thing is, you have to. Otherwise you’re going nowhere and more importantly, your story goes nowhere.

I wrote a long post about this so I wouldn’t repeat this here.

Now you might have noticed that alternative post name “Unfinished Business” and wonder why. I did it. I finished. There you go, I wrote those two wonderful words “The End” so why unfinished?

While I celebrate this fantastic milestone called First Draft, I remind myself that there’s a reason for the word “First”.

Now, with a sense of purpose I’m about to go into the dark place called “Re-write”…. Enter spooky sound effect.

Remember these 40,000 words? You didn’t really think these would be the last now did you?… I know… scary huh? I admit it. I’m scared. I got to go through this whole pile of paper and polish some turds (excuse my French). I got to plug some holes. I got to enhance and I got to subtract.

Luckily I got people I trust to help me. I will do my best not to make them my enemies with my bitching and whining… I’ll bite my lips as they shred my genius lines to pieces and mock my irrational meanderings. I’ll resist my knee jerk reaction every time my perfectly structured sentences get cut or rephrased… I’ll do all that because a First Draft is a milestone, not THE milestone.

But before I go there, I’m going to put my manuscript aside for a week and not look at it even once. I’m going to finish reading Tad Williams‘ “The dirty streets of heaven” which I have to pace myself reading as it’s so damn good… I’m going to read a friend’s book before it gets published (I’ll give you the details in due time. All I can say now is – its worth the wait!). I’m going to spend some quality time with my family (I think I have a wife and a few kids somewhere…).

Oh, and hopefully I’ll come up with a good off-topic post for y’all real soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know where you are on your writing. I hope I can help!


6 thoughts on ““The End” (Or Unfinished Business)

  1. Congrats, my friend. I feel odd being here since I inflicted so much of your pain, cutting words and killing characters. (bringing a few back to life as well) but in the end you got there.
    Good job. Good writing.


    • Thank you Christina!

      It “hurt so good” as it was a very necessary step for growth. Hopefully every book after this will require less and less pain (Although I guess it never goes away entirely).


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