Welcome back everyone! I took a long enough break and I’m back with some pretty exciting updates (Well exciting for me that is :)).

Second Draft

Last time you visited here, you might have heard I’m done with my first draft. I also spoke of what I’m expecting as part of reviewing and polishing it. I took a week off working on the novel and was able to do some other important things that awaited my attention, but not only that… Drum roll… I got an idea for my next novel!


This new idea which I’m busy conceptualizing now will involve sport and will hopefully be crafted into some good fiction.

I hope that all of what I learned in the process of writing the first draft of my first novel will help me do a better job on the second and going forward. With the help of my coach and some good friends, I now know how to start, how to sustain and most importantly – finish.

So what’s going on with the work on the first draft – I’m combing that manuscript with a fine tooth comb and while I do try to catch pragmatical and spelling mistakes, I also try to look for other things.

Character consistency – Did a character who behaved in one way changed behavior without reason?
Roles – Are the characters filling their roles within the story?
Conflict – Is it there?
Scenes and the way they’re “built”.
Loose ends? Got to make sure there aren’t any.

So, line by line, scene by scene, is what I’m doing now. I give myself not more than a month for that purpose. So I hope that on new year’s eve I’ll be able to come here and tell you that my Novel is finished and almost ready for publishing.

I have an idea for a cover, I have a title now (Yes, I only picked on when I finished…) and I got a long list of credits to work on.

I’m excited now about the work on both the first draft of the first novel as well as the conception of the new one.

Come back soon!

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