“‘Tis the season to be happy, la la la la la, la la la la.” Every street corner in America.

I wanted to wish all my Christmas celebrating friends and readers a Merry Christmas and a happy new year (2013 – Take THAT Mayans!). And I thought, what better way to do that than with another top 10 special!!!

So, here’s my top 10 favorite things related to Christmas/New Years.


10. Home Alone – Cause let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as funny as a couple of burglars being outsmarted by a geeky kid. Especially when one of them is Joe Pesci. The fact that it happens during Christmas is secondary really, but since it does, you’re more likely to find it on one of the channels during the holiday than at any other time of the year.

9. The City‘s Great taste – Every year around Thanksgiving the city here starts decorating the streets and I have to hand it to them. They have much better taste than many of the home owners… So Kudos to the city for their tasteful not tacky work!!!

8. Hollywood Christmas Blockbuster Movie releases – Check THIS LINK for a nice sample of these films. Of course this helps revenue for the producers  mainly, but some of the best movies in recent years were released during the holiday season. Tell me you didn’t like them 🙂

7. The holiday spirit – People seem to genuinely be friendlier during this season. Of course it would rank higher in the list if it came with more moderation lol.


6. The “Best of” / “Worst of” lists – Great reading materials for those moments you need something to “pass the time” 😉

5. Driving – EVERYONE’s either away on vacation or indoors on Christmas day. The roads are wide open. I can get from point A to point B without traffic, without getting frustrated with the multitude of soccer moms with an iPhone glued to their ears (or worse, texting to each other) while they attempt to prematurely end my life… (For the same reason I used to enjoy snowboarding on January 1st… I miss Canada sometimes…).

4. Snow! – Nothing quite like a white Christmas, am I right? I enjoyed a couple of these in Canada. Truth be told, it’s better there than the rare one in Georgia (in Ottawa, the city doesn’t shut down for a week over 2 inches snowfall…), but still, I love that white powdery snow on Christmas time.

3. Time off from work – Well, it would have made it to a higher place in my list if I didn’t have 4 super energetic kids on winter break… But hey, at least it’s one job instead of the double shift I pull on normal days…

2. Post holidays specials – Since the thing I dislike the most about Christmas is the money-making industry of the holiday, nothing makes me smile wider this time of year when I see that so many of these “limited time offers” are still valid (if not improved upon) well into next January. I like spending the holiday with family and friends, chilling out instead of panicking about shopping… But that’s just me.


1. Special covers – Since the soundtrack of the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is pretty much nothing but Christmas songs, it makes it almost unbearable for me to enjoy any. However, there are quite a few nice Christmas tunes that I’d enjoy had them not been played so much. That’s why I enjoy it when a singer takes a Christmas song and makes it his own. The perfect example is Springsteen’s version for “Santa Claus is coming to town“.

I’d be happy to hear what your favorite holidays season things are, so by all means, let us know below!

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