Hi all and welcome back to this url. This weekend is UFC 157 on PPV (Saturday 2/23/2013 7PM/10PM PT/ET) and I think it’s worth a few words before the first bout begins.


This event will feature some very interesting and potentially great fun fights. Some of the names to look for – Urijah Faber, Ivan Menjivar, Josh Koscheck and TUF winner Court McGee among others. This before the Co-Main event which features two fantastic fighters – Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson.

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida is the former UFC Light Heavy Weight (LHW) champion, with a record of 18-3-0, with his only losses being against two previous LHW champions (Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) and the current one, Jon “Bones” Jones (Who’s considered to be one of the top 3 pound of pound best fighters in the world today).

Dan “Hendo” Henderson is a legend in terms of MMA. With wins over the creme de la creme of MMA. Google the names Fedor, Shugon, Rich Franklin for a very short sample of fighters who fell victim to the 1st fighter in history to hold both the welterweight and middleweight belts in Pride FC!

So far sounds like a pretty damn good show right? And the Co-Main event is superb, featuring two great fighters. Which begs the question – why would this be the Co-main and not THE main event?

The answer is the key for today’s post.


Yes ladies and Gentlemen. The main event features two pretty ladies. In case you smirked, I’ll have you know that both of them would kick your sexist ass. One of them would be taking your arm home as a souvenir…

It shouldn’t be an issue right? Not in 2013! After all, for pretty much every sport – including golf (if you can call that sport…) – we have the women sport right? So why should people raise their brow? Well, apparently that’s still somewhat of an issue when it comes to MMA. We already have women boxing and as boring as I find it, they deserve their props. So why not all the way? Many people (so-called MMA fans) still voice objections. I’m actually a little shocked (Should I be?) at some of the derogatory comments I read on internet forums about how they don’t belong in the octagon.

Dana White (UFC President) was still unsold on the idea as late as 2012 and only recently changed his mind. I believe that the woman responsible for this is one of the participants of this weekend’s PPV, the current (and first ever) UFC Bantamweight women champion – “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. As the first American to earn an Olympic medal (Bronze) in Judo, and a sexy lady as a bonus, Ronda made the leap into MMA and more importantly to the “mainstream”. As much as an MMA fighter can be a household name.

Ronda broke into MMA as part of “Strikeforce” where she ascended rapidly to the top of the food chain by winning all of her fights (4) within the first round by submission. The same submission. Arm bar… Need I say more? In her last 2 fights, a title win and a successful title defense, Ronda showed improved striking skills in addition to phenomenal Judo and amazing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and so far seems unstoppable.

That is, unless you ask Liz Carmouche.

Liz is not only a women, but also… Huh! a Lesbian!

As if the sexists are not enough, here’s a kick in the collective homophobic back side… An Ex Marine, Liz did three middle east tours and one look at her would deter any thought of getting on her bad side. If she has one that is. So far, all we saw of Liz is class. A hard-working fighter, She has a fairly balanced skill set inside the octagon and she has some serious power.

She is coming off of 2 losses, one of which to a fighter who was destroyed (as usual) by Rousey, but believe me – stranger things happened before. They say that anything is possible in the UFC (excluding beating Anderson Silva apparently), so we will have to wait and see.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the women on the main event. I’m hoping they show their full potential and shut some mouths up. If you must have my prediction I’ll have to go with Rousey because… damn she’s good 🙂

But the point is that no matter who wins, Liz or Ronda. Women fighters and people who wants to see them should all be behind these two ladies and hope they kick ass and fight with a lot of pride. They work as hard as any man. In fact harder. Rousey needs to keep reminding people who those sexy photos are cool, but she’s one dangerous fox. Carmouche needs to… well, I’m afraid she might have play into one of the stereotypes whatever the case may be… sad, but true. It’s not on her though, that one’s on us.

You go girls!

Don’t blink!

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