I apologize, but am still suffering from the remains of carpal tunnel. Since it is Passover tonight, I wanted to go back to this post and the Hero’s Journey! I will be back soon with new material!

Thank you for your patience.


Gil Shalev

Welcome back and happy Passover/Easter/Any holiday you might be celebrating these days. You know, I’m not a religious guy. Not in the “conventional” sense. I believe in god. It’s not necessarily what others perceive but I do believe that there is “something out there” and it’s higher than us in a sense. Born Jewish I celebrate our traditional holidays and tonight after telling my kids the story of the Exodus it kind of hit me. God is also a fantastic literary genius. I mean no disrespect to anyone, so please read the below with the understanding that it’s only a fun way to look at story telling. I’m not looking to “take sides” or to go out of my way to be “anti”.

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