Welcome back all. I’ll try to use the one-off 5th weekend to post some flash fiction. I read this one at our writers group and it was received with a smile. That’s pretty much all I hope for with this short short. Oh, and I totally respect Mrs. Johansson…


~Scarlett Johansson~

I wasn’t mad with her at all, even when she slapped me with that restraining order. It was her blood sucking lawyers who did that. Also, back at the red carpet I was only trying to get a closer look. I did know it would now take a miracle though.
Following a thorough search through wizards-r-us.com I contacted Jake. The wizard was surprised at the age of his client when I walked into his one bed room apartment. He joked about parental consent and I showed him my student card. He didn’t get under my skin too much about the whole thing. He only wanted to know why her. I said “I don’t know man. I just have to feel her skin before I die.” Jake pronounced a few obscure words in succession and asked me not to drive until further notice.
A few hours later, I stood there on the wall and giggled or did I buzz? Not sure. I do remember imagining a smile on my fly face.
No fucking bodyguard can shove me off now. No smiling spokesperson to tell me “I’m sorry but Ms. Johansson is away on a shoot” or some other kind of BS. No policeman to wave a finger at me, calling me a “perv” and order me out of a tree. Not even my mom asking me if it wasn’t time to take those posters off the wall. Perhaps get something more “Age appropriate.”
No sir. I was done with that crap. My dream came true. I’m a fly on her wall and let me tell you it’s awesome. I got my own little reality show with no filters and no commercials. Well, unless it’s Scarlett’s.
After a while I got antsy and since my new status enabled proximity in ways I couldn’t dream possible before, I decided to go for a closer inspection.
Landing first behind her on the sofa I observed the milky complexion of her skin. I circled quietly around her and was dazzled by the beauty of her face. Landing once again on the sofa I inched closer and rested on her shoulder, taking care to stay on her shirt. The smell of her perfume was overwhelming and I had to fly away to regain my senses.
While I was resting on the ceiling above her bed, she walked into her bedroom and took her clothes off. She climbed on the bed but did not cover herself.
The little human left in me screamed “It’s now or never”. I dove in and hovered for a few seconds over the two curvy objects that occupied my mind for so long before slowly landing on the left nipple. And then it hit me.

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