Happy 4th of July to all Americans and welcome back everyone (including myself…). Man, work is hectic, which shouldn’t be a complaint these days. So, being grateful for my employment, I finally got to sit down and write this post. With no further ado, I’d like to talk a little about a man called Anderson Silva.


The Spider in a typical snapshot

Before talking about Anderson “The Spider” Silva, we must address two terms that are thrown around to make an argument.

P4P (Pound For Pound) – The meaning of the term is – regardless of weight class, who is the best? In MMA forums and all over the web, this question is still open-ended and there are as many opinions as there are people with keyboards. The consensus in the media as well as within the UFC is that Anderson Silva is indeed the best fighter regardless of weight class. My opinion? P4P is just a term used to praise whoever you like best. True, you can’t really make a case for just any fighter being P4P, but there are about 5 that are hovering around that spot. I will let you be the judge.

GOAT (Short for Greatest Of All Time) – Seriously? not only the best, but of all times? Well, here I get a bit more tolerant for the definition, as this is taking a little step back and looking not only at talent but also talking about impact, contribution and other aspects. On that list too, Anderson Silva is the consensus #1.

Why is Silva considered the best of the best?

Anderson is the UFC middleweight champion who successfully defended his title ever since he won it back in 2006… that’s almost 7 years to the day and 14 fights (not all for title, though guess what? He holds that record too…)

Record – His career record is 33 Wins Vs. 4 Losses (1 by DQ), while his UFC record is 16 and 0. with the vast majority of his fights ending via a form of knock out or submission.

One of the 2 most dominant champions you can think of.

I’m not going to write down the full Anderson Silva statistics or history because you can easily find it on many other sites and because this is not the purpose of this post. I hope that you will follow this up by actually finding out more about this fantastic fighter.

Have you seen “The Matrix?” Were you also going “Wow!” When Neo dodged the bullets on the roof? Want to see that without the aid of special effects? Watch an Anderson Silva fight. One of the things I love the most about him, is his unfathomable ability to avoid his opponent’s strikes by “simply” moving his head or torso out of the way… Standing right in front of the other guy with his hands down and frustrating him by slippin’ and slidin’ at ease. In more than one case he followed that up with a flash knock out strike of his own that did find the target.

Key fights

Almost any Silva fight you’d pick would be a great introduction. I would, however, make his first fight Vs. Chael Sonnen the last I watch. Not because it’s not good. It most definitely IS. Possibly one of the best fights ever. Just give yourself some time and get to know Silva first. Trust me. It would make watching this fight an even more gratifying experience.

His title win over Rich “Ace” Franklin is a good one. Then go on to see him defend his title with seeming ease, until UFC 117…

Anderson Silva may very well be the #1 P4P and GOAT. He most definitely is one of the top 3. When it comes to personal opinion, I still think that Georges Saint-Pierre is dominating his weight class against slightly higher skilled opponents. I think GSP is a more well-rounded fighter than Silva. MMA fans all over the world are tired of waiting for a super fight between these two, but to be honest I don’t think this fight is worth booking (other than for revenue). It would not prove anything in my opinion. If you ask me to predict, I’d say probably Silva.

You’re most welcome to leave your comment here. I hope you check out who this Spider is (in case you don’t already know).

Don’t forget to watch Anderson fight on UFC 162 this Saturday!

Thanks for stopping by again!

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