Killing time before a flight, I just wanted to put in a mini-post to share my thoughts on last night’s historical UFC event.

My last post was all about the greatest MMA fighter of all time, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. I told those of you who didn’t see him before to check him out on UFC 162 against Chris Weidman because I thought Weidman, being a top notch, young and physically strong wrestler had a good chance of making this fight very competitive.

I talked about the Chael Sonnen fight because I (as many other MMA enthusiasts) thought this would be the blueprint for a possible upset (a win for Weidman would be considered one).

I also spoke about Silva’s matrix-like ability to avoid strikes, a skill he used so many times to frustrate and scare his opponents. In other words, clown them…


If you took my advice and watched the fight you’d know that the first round was exactly as advertised. Weidman took Silva to the ground (as expected), silva spent the second part of the round clowning and all was well with the universe.

Then came the second.

Weidman got over the initial round of taunting and kept his cool while Silva tried to trap him with his “antics”. At one point the champion seemed to have been hurt by a punch from Weidman but wait, he was just clowning again.

What came next was just… Surreal.

Silva leaned to the right, hands down. Weidman saw what so many challengers before him did. An opening. Silva’s chin exposed and ripe for a knock out punch.

As opposed to all others though, Weidman was able to actually land, and land he did. Silva’s eyes rolled, his legs gave and he dropped to the mat like… Well, like so many of his opponents did.

And just like that we have a new middleweight champion – Chris Weidman.

The Internet of course, is full of talk about the fight. Some say it was fixed (ridiculous in my humble opinion). Others say Anderson beat himself/threw the fight…

Me? As usual, I like to give the credit to the winner. Chris Weidman came prepared. He wasn’t thrown off by Silva’s games and when the opportunity presented itself, he capitalized.

Sounds simple, right? Ask any opponent who faced Anderson Silva before how simple it is…

Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I (literally) have a plane to catch. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments here.

See you all again soon!

Yours truly,


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