Well, let me tell you what’s on my mind, Facebook.

I use Facebook for multiple reasons. I’m not going to discuss them here though.

Here, I want to make a promise to you all. I want to assure you that there are some things that I will never, in my right mind, put on my Facebook timeline/wall.



I don’t know about you, and perhaps it’s just my view of the world, but why should I care what your filthy plate looks like after you’ve finished a great dish?… If you have the need to tell me about this fantastic steak you made, by all means. Lay it on me. But I do not need the visual, thank you very much… If you designed a plate and it looks good, I can live with that I guess, after all, this could be a work of art. Just show me the “before” and not the “after”. If you really must that is.



I read somewhere that photos that are posted for “shock value”, regardless of the cause, have little to no positive effect on people. I will stand with you as you demonstrate against cruelty to animals. More so, when you protest violence towards kids. I will sympathize with sick people and have voiced strong opinions in the past about violence towards the elderly. But when I see these horrific photos, I tend to walk away and move to another caricature or meme to take my mind of these… I’d read a well written piece about a good cause, no matter how long it may be. I think that’s also the most constructive way to go about it anyway.



If you think we’re fundamentally different because the color of our skin, our religion or ethnicity or if you just hate people because they’re different in any way, get ready to be disappointed when you visit my Facebook page. I will not fuel your hate. If I make a comment about a certain situation or issue, please feel free to AVOID using it as a springboard to spew racist crap.



You know, I used to play games. I no longer do. So please don’t send me requests… it just clutters my home page and I feel bad for ignoring you. Well, not bad enough to comply 😉



Sorry cat people. I like DOGs! Dolphins even better! Cats are not cute. Cats are not funny. Cats are not nice. Don’t believe the hype people, cats are not cool. Now I know that you’re saying “Well, you just said something about hate…” But these are CATS!!! They’re annoying! I’m taking it to the extreme of course, but seriously, don’t expect to see them on my timeline 🙂

Well, other than that, there’s no telling what one can find on my timeline… the only way would be to check it 😉

See you later people! Thanks for stopping here for a few and I’ll be happy to hear what you think and what you wouldn’t put on yours.

2 thoughts on “5 Things you will not find on my Facebook Timeline

  1. I’m definitely with you on the food and shock photos. Eaten off of plates have always grossed me out. I play a couple games but usually don’t post about them…(Unless I’m Scrabble bragging about how smart I am. 😉 I do love cats though. And I love MY cats. I also like dogs…and am in school to train them!


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