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As of today, we’re still awaiting the verdict with regards to Syria, the possible attack and what it all means for the rest of the middle east and as it stands, the rest of the world.

My instinctive response to the news of chemical weapons use in Syria were outrage, disgust, fear and sadness. As many of us, I thought that this is something that cannot go unpunished. I thought of my ancestors who were in concentration and death camps in Europe during the holocaust, and my blood boiled. Surely the world can’t ignore the Syrian people‘s suffering.

Then, I thought of a few other things.

Impact. Should Syria be attacked by the USA or the UK, they would be under pressure to retaliate. Since they don’t have the military option to hit back at the superpowers, the obvious response would be to hit anything that’s associated with America in the neighborhood – Israel. So now we’re thinking about initiating an attack that might result in Israeli casualties? Is that a decision that would be taken by… whom?

Impact. Russia is sending warships to the Mediterranean sea. Iran speaks up. Hezbollah threatens. Who’s bluffing? Who’s serious? Who blinks first? More importantly, do we want to find out?

Impact. Syria. Yes, that same country in question is in the midst of a bloody struggle and so many lives were already lost. Just saying.

Still, I stand by my initial statement. Use of chemical weapons, especially against civilians, kids, women… this cannot just go past us. It is outrageous. The international community has to stand up and DO something!

Then I saw Russel Brand.

In addition to being a hilarious comedian, it turns out that Russel is a very intelligent guy (not that comedians are normally not…).

So what should the international community do?

Take care of the living, that’s what.

Help the refugees, heal the wounded, feed the weak.

Attacking Syria will result in one thing. More loss of life. Who will suffer? Likely some people who deserve to be punished. Along with many more innocent bystanders and people who had nothing to do with this conflict to begin with.

What do we do about the chemical substance that was used (and here I disagree with Brand’s comparison, I believe we have solid proof that it was indeed used)? I honestly don’t have an answer for that. I can only speculate that Russia and the USA can work together to ensure that this never happens again. I can only speculate that the US armed forces have ways to take care of these weapons in a more “elegant” way (can’t think of a better word).

My hopes are that the Syrian people will find peace soon. I hope that common sense will prevail and the people of Syria go back to normal (as they define it).

Check out this Facebook page, I support their message.

Peace out.

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