Hi all and welcome back. I would love to sit around and tell you how hard I work and how sick I was. However, there are pressing matters to discuss, so we’ll table this discussion for when someone cares.

I have a question for you all – What can a player do, when he?

  • Holds the Hockey club’s record for regular season games played, goals, assists and points.
  • Holds the Hockey club’s record for highest +/- rating in a season, set in 2006–07 with +42.
  • Holds the Hockey club’s record for most points in a regular season game, set in 2007–08, with 3 goals and 4 assists for 7 points.
  • Holds the Hockey club’s playoff records for most games played, goals, assists and points.

The answer is, to put it bluntly – Whatever the hell he wants!

Before we go on, please review these nice tables (Credit to: Hockeydb.com)



Not too shabby, wouldn’t you agree?

Daniel Alfredsson is without a doubt the best player in Ottawa Senators history. If you want to challenge that, please feel free to read through the above tables again.

Playing for the club for 17 years, serving many of them as the captain and face of the organization, Alfie connected with the city of Ottawa, the fans, players and pretty much anyone who crossed paths with this unique player.

Just before this recent season started, Alfie made a move to the Detroit Red Wings.

The reasons? Depends who you ask.

If you ask me – these reasons don’t matter. Like I said, after giving so much to Ottawa and the Senators, Daniel Alfredsson could have done anything he bloody well wanted to do. He earned it.

a lot of fans (and I use this term loosely) are up in arms about his “betrayal”, or him “Spitting in their faces”. The ONLY way this would have been true would be him moving to get the C for that Toronto club I shall not name. Well, he didn’t.

He went to play with his Swedish friends in  motor city. He went to try to win a cup. He went and did something for Daniel Alfredsson. Again, a well deserved privilege, reserved to legends of his magnitude.

I am sad to see him in that jersey, make no mistake about it. I was very disappointed to hear about his departure. But one thing I have not, nor will I ever stop being is grateful for everything Alfie did for the team I support. Try to do a highlight reel for Ottawa Senators and exclude any footage of Alfie. Go ahead. If you make this one last more than a couple of minutes, I’ll listen to you whine.

I will not list ALL the memorable moments from our captain. I will just share one. One in which you see Alfie the human being on the ice, having fun and giving the fans something to cheer for. Credit to: http://www.silversevensens.com

January 8, 2004: Alfredsson mocks Mats Sundin by pretending to throw his broken stick

With an eventual 7-1 victory well in hand, Alfredsson got the ire of  Toronto Maple Leafs fans by mocking Sundin, who was suspended from the game for throwing a broken stick into the stands–by pretending to throw his own broken stick into the crowd. The Battle of Ontario was well-established, but this move helped cement Alfie as a villain in Toronto and a hero in Ottawa.

More memorable moments –> HERE

Tomorrow night (12/1/2013) Alfie is coming to town, for the first time as a player on an opposing team. There’s a video and niceties planned.

We can expect some boos from the uninformed, but I would love to see Alfie gets the respect he so deserves by the home crowd. Even an 11:11 treatment in the first period is in order.

I love you Alfie,

Go Sens Go!!!

Are you a Sens fan? a Hockey fan? Let us know what you think in that nice box below.

Until the next time,

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