Hello and welcome back everyone.

First, I’d like to refer to my last couple of posts:

I predicted GSP winning but this wasn’t really what I had in mind. I will hand it to Hendricks – he came with the ultimate game plan. Don’t waste all your stamina on throwing all you got with every punch, carry the energy into the championship rounds and utilize great wrestling skills to force the fight on his terms. Everything went according to plan, except… well, except he didn’t collect enough points. Now, I know a lot of people gave the win to Hendricks and I’ll be the first to admit that so have I in the heat of the moment. However, upon further reflection, I agree that he did ALMOST enough but not enough. It doesn’t really matter, or at least it shouldn’t from Johnny’s perspective. I guess we’ll see a rematch and I will NOT be making any prediction this time 🙂

A Hollywood screenwriter couldn’t have written a better drama than what we got this Sunday. A touching video to welcome our previous captain back, cheers and chants from the crowd with respect due. Then an assist and the game winning goal scored by Alfie. I’m not even mad. Alfie showed exactly why we love him so much. A true professional and a committed leader to his team. Thank you Alfie for all you gave us. Now we will move on. Go Sens Go!

And now, on to the topic of today’s musings.

If you haven’t read The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy yet, I’ll give you a spoiler alert here.

Also… shame on you! Go read it. Now!

In that trilogy (in 5 parts), Adams is telling the story about the pursuit for the answer to the ultimate question. You know, about life, the universe and everything. in order to do that, the ancients built a huge computer and got him to give them the answer. It took hundreds of years, due to the complexity of course, but in the end, the great computer said he has the answer. 42.

The folks were justifiably upset (although, clearly 42 IS the answer) and set the computer to design a new computer for them, a computer so powerful that it would be able to solve their problem.

That computer was then promptly blown out of the sky to make way to an intergalactic highway before humanity (or any other culture) got the answer they were looking for.

Now, I’m not saying that Douglas Adams wrote the book with the same mindset that, say, George Orwell wrote 1984. But to me it feels like the same as our world seems to live up to Orwell’s warnings, so does life on this planet seem to follow the same kind of oblivion and to some extent utter stupidity and ridicule of the civilization in Adams’ book.

Life on earth is a flow of stupidity and aimlessness. We crown kings who send us to wars and take our money. We spend a lot of the time explaining to anyone willing to listen (and ourselves) why we hate. We give these things nice names like ‘Democracy” and “Ideology”, but in the end of the day, every generation seem to replay the same scenarios its predecessor did, albeit with better gadgets.

No, I do not suggest we kill ourselves and get it over with (disregard any such sentiment, expressed under duress). I’m merely suggesting a reboot. You know, like the computers. It gets stuck and what’s the first thing you try? exactly. You turn the damn think off, then back on.

What you actually do is, clear everything it was busy doing, calculating, performing and with a clean slate, you ask him kindly to get its act together.

Yeah, I’m naive. But we tried cynicism. Every time  someone comes and suggests we like each other because we’re all human, every time someone suggests we help each other out or just keep our mouth shut if we have nothing nice to say, what do we do? We fucking kill him. Yeah, that will show this hippy what’s what.

How did that work out for us?

I always thought the best way we could make this place better is if everyone in the world wake up every day, make one decision and stick to it. The decision in question – Love thy neighbor. That sums it up. All the crappy things we come up with every day – don’t do them. All the hurtful things we do – don’t do them. All the negativity – throw that shit in the garbage.


Again, Naive. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Am I? Let me know…

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