Welcome back folks. The schedule was off this later part of January, but here I am with what I hope would be an encouraging post.

I want to talk about an experience I’m going through, and one that I hope would help anyone out there who might be feeling deflated, discouraged or otherwise depressed about the state of their writing project.

Like many others, I started writing a hundred different stories in my short life. Like many others I failed.

That is, until I committed to write a novel from start to finish. I’ve written a few posts about that in the past (Link, Link and more Link), however, it wasn’t until I started working on my second before I fully understood the full meaning of accomplishing this goal – finishing a novel. A project.

I started this journey alone. I sat down and hit the keyboard every day, accumulating words and fleshing out ideas. I brought life to characters and killed them with the ease of a god and it felt good. I even did my best to follow the hero’s journey as I learned. I did a lot of self-learning.

The problem was, of course, that while my word count increased, my story didn’t take the shape of a novel. Well, at least not a good one… and when I shared some of my writing with a group of writers, I took some literary beating. No complaints, these were well deserved.

I shared my view on this in the past. If you can’t take honest feedback, you’re likely (unless your name is S. King or I.Asimov) setting yourself for failure. And believe me, these two have listened to some critics. Not every critic, but some.

I took a few workshops, and accepted a writing challenge which I’m happy to say really made an impact on my writing and at long last… I completed a first draft. I even did a couple of re-writes.

No, you won’t find that novel in stores (just yet). There’s still some work left on it. And this is what I wanted to share with you today. If there’s one lesson I hope to pass to fellow first time novelists it is this –

Write the story you want to write. Then, write the story you need to write.

Whoa! What do you mean? Is that some holistic mambo jumbo?

Well, the first novel I wrote turned out to be the story I wanted to write. I came up with an idea, which I conceptualized and I ran with it. All my passion for writing and learning was turned to this project, this goal – FINISH a novel.

When was the last time you tackled a very difficult and complex task and did it great the first time? Be honest…

Like I said, I will go back to this novel and make it readable in due time. When would that be? You guessed it. When I complete the story I need to write. The good one. The second one. The novel I started from step one, with the experience of having completed one already. The one I write with the absolute knowledge that I’m capable, that I can take my hero on the journey and not let him (and hopefully the readers) down.

Why do I think this post is encouraging? Because if I can do it… trust me… anyone can!

So, where are you? stuck? need some help? Let me know! I can “hook you up” with what you need to complete your novel.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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