Welcome all!

While I prepare a pretty epic post later on this month, I thought I’d post a small contribution to Poetry month.

Here’s a little something-something I wrote a long time ago 🙂

Explain this to me, like I’m a five year old

 Meat needs to be left alone.

Give it about six minutes on each side,
The blood runs out, and return in due time.
Brown red and brown again,
Like the treasures buried under miles of earth,
Add pepper, not salt, mind you.

Oil must sizzle in order to act.

Put a wooden chip in to see,
If you are ready to start.
Once you are, there is no turning back,
Just like the pieces you dump in the pot,
Golden is your goal.

Vegetables should be washed before use.

Wash against the leaves when applicable,
Rub them hard, don’t be shy.
Green and red make a hell of a mix,
Like the colors of life and death,
They are the core.

I recommend consuming the meal slowly.

It is simple to dig in with rigor,
But harsh on the colon.
A thorough chew is due, take care,
Like the thought you put into the menu,
Getting here is half the fun.

That is all for today. Make of it what you may 🙂

Till next time (remember, epic!)…

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