Hi all and welcome yet again to my humble hub.
As you know, I’m a hockey fan and my team was, is and always will be the Ottawa Senators.
Well, a true fan is measured not in success but in hard times. And hard times were here this season.
So, to summarize this on the light side (because it beats the hell of the alternative – it’s a shut-out!) I give you this Ode to Sens:

***Note to other fans: It’s only sports, so taking it personally will result in a minor penalty.
"This season sucks!" some fans might say
This season has to go away.
The blown off leads, they suck so bad...
It's hard to spell 'Zibanejad'.
It sucks to be a fan these days
It sucks so many different ways.


Penalties and giveaways 
Frustrated us on most game days.
The stupid refs, they hate the Sens
As much as they just love the Pens.
It sucks to be a fan today
This season needs to go away.


It sucks that self-proclaimed 'Sens fans'
Talk crap about our captain Spazz.
So many points our captain brings
With moves that make a fan's heart sing.
It really sucks that they're this way
This season better go away.


It sucks that lines change every day
It sucks to see our power play.
It sucks how great was our PK
and how it really sucks today.
It sucks to be a fan these days
In many many different ways.


But there is always room for hope
With youngsters learning through the ropes.
The Hoff and Ceci catching on
We got #TheLehner, we got Stone.
It sucks to be a fan today
But this crap cannot stay this way.


Just think MacTurris, BFR
EK, Hemsky, so... by far...
The Sens are not themselves this year
The next one's ours! Do you hear?
It may suck beyond belief
But hey, at least
We're not the leafs...

Feel free to share your thoughts below and #GoSensGo!

Thank you for stopping by. See you next season fellow hockey fans!

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