The Morning After:

  1. So, Varner breaks his ankle… I’m giving myself a break on this fight and wish Jamie all the best. He’s one of the toughest fighters I know.
  2. Mizugaki via UD – Bulls eye
  3. Lawler by TKO – Bulls eye
  4. Daniel Cormier wins (which I predicted) but holly shit, I didn’t picture that sub. I love both these guys and can’t wait for DC Vs. Jones/Gustafsson… We may be witnessing the stretch of really dominant champions losing belts?
  5. Talking about dominant champions losing beslt… TJ Dillashaw shocked the world! Or did he? What does it take to beat a guy like Barao? I was always amazed by his ability to keep moving forward and pressuring his opponent, and in general being the agitator. Well, no one was able to give him some of his own medicine. That is until this superb fighter came along and changed the game. TJ opened with a round 1, the likes of which I can’t remember from a contender in recent history. TJ basically said “THIS guy’s here to bring the fight to you!”. I always said about GSP’s dominance – It’s on the opponent to take his belt. Well, TJ wasn’t awarded a belt, he came and he ripped it off of Barao’s waist. Fantastic fight and a very interesting future for the BW division.

3 out of 4 by results (And kudos to DC for the finish!)

More on UFC 173:

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