The Morning After:

  1. So, Doane wins by SD, rather than UD. No biggie, I still mark this as 1 down 3 to go.
  2. Hall via UD – Bulls eye!
  3. The fight between Stefan Struve and Matt Mitrione was called off since Struve fainted in the back room. Hope all is well with the skyscraper!
  4. Ronda Rousey… I predicted a finish, the “usual” arm bar submission. but DAYUM! Ronda just seems to be scarier every time. This time she followed that beautiful toss with a barrage of punches and ended the fight 1 second short of all time record in a title fight. And yes gentlemen, that stat includes men. So next time you use the term “fights like a girl”, you may want to remember women’s MMA… Even though it was a TKO and not a sub, I’m taking the full point for a right result and a finish.
  5. Chris Weidman – Slaying legends seems to be his plan of action. His first 2 title defenses were against the very best, and he stepped up to the challenge. I predicted a TKO, but that was a long shot to begin with. One does not simply knocks Machida out. I’m taking half a point on this one and wondering who can beat this guy?…

3.5 out of 4 by results (1 fight was cancelled)

Check the highlights (Credit: MMAweekly.com)

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