Welcome all.

Today, a midst the darkness that descends on the middle east yet again, while the spirits are low and the nerves are irritated, I wanted to share a few small, but significant rays of light.

It’s very easy to despair. It’s very cozy when you’re entrenched in traditional paradigms.

But even when the cannons roar, one must remember that one is never alone. Even when it seems from one’s small corner of the globe that everyone hates the other, this is not the case. Even when the bombs are falling, it’s important to remember Martin Luther King’s simple, but so true quote:

We must learn to live together like brothers, or perish together as fools.

In the past few days and weeks, every facebook account in Israel and Gazza is filled with anger, hate, despair.

But I wanted to show that there are those who still believe that war is not the answer. People who refuse to view their neighbors as enemies. People who will not surrender to hate and despair, and are looking to reach out and touch people “on the other side”.

I highly recommend visting the links at the bottom of this post. I also wanted to share a few examples (out of many) of people who reach out to their so-called-enemies with love and compassion. I wanted to show that not all hope is lost and that people as opposed to politicians are sick of war, death and suffering.









As I wrote above, these are but a few examples.

The people in the middle east, the “silent majority” for the most part, want to live and let live. These folks are not silent. They speak up so Israelis and Palestinians know they are not alone. We all suffer from war and we all could only benefit peace.

Here’s what we are all asking our leaders:



Some interesting articles about the Peace Factory:

Promote peace:


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