The morning after:

1. Welcome back Cat Zingano! I admit, during the first round I had a bad feeling. It looked bad but also good at the same time. Bad because of the predicament Cat found herself in. But good because it was obvious for everyone watching that Cat Zingano is one tough girl. It can be a message to many fellow fighters in her division and not a very optimistic one too. You think you’re done once you have me on my back? Think again. I can’t wait for the match that was supposed to be. It’s a cliche by now, but really – Cat Zingano is the toughest opponent Rousey would meet so far. 1 for 1.
2. I don’t even know where to begin on Romero Vs. Kennedy. It was a great fight with a huge shift in momentum. But controversy will forever taint this one. I see no other choice but to have a rematch as, upon second reflection, I do believe Kennedy got the shaft. 2 for 2, though I didn’t like the “how”.
3. McGregor is for real. That was established yesterday when he annihilated a super talented Dustin Poirier. Conor doesn’t lack in self confidence either, which should make for some interesting times to follow. 3 for 3 (Though I predicted a UD – you can call it 2.5 for 3).
4. Cowboy, my favorite UFC fighter wasn’t far from a sub. But I’ll take the UD over a really good fighter in Alvarez. This guy’s no joke and I believe that after he irons out a couple of wrinkles, we will see a real challenger there. But today it’s – again – Cerrone’s day and what can I say? That was the main event for me. let’s call this 3 for 4 (considering the UD Vs. Sub).
5. Mighty mouse should really change his nick-name to “Indestructible”. Dodson aside, he seems to run through opponents and have his way with them. What an amazing athlete and fighter we have for a champ! I’m taking a full point, even though I had him by KO. A finish is a finish damn it! 4 for 5 for a really good PPV!
Thoughts? Opinions? See below.

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