My friend had some guac, and a duck and a clock,
He went into Chipotle holding a Glock.

Walked up to the counter and asked for a bowl
No tomato or corn and no chicken at all.
Just steak and some goac, no lettuce or cheese
No beans and no rice, no salsa or ‘please’.
He did not want some chips, he did not want a drink
And no one around him knew just what to think.
He paid with a credit card, he didn’t have cash
He threw the receipt right there in the trash.
The girl at the register stood there and shook
So hard did she shake, she dropped her own book.
Not a kindle or nook, just a plain old book.
 And when through the front doors came in a cop
My friend finished eating his steak and his quac
The cop said “fun’s over” and took my friend’s Glock
And slapped the cuffs on his two hands with a clunk.
He asked him “If you paid, why bring a gun?”
And my friend smiled and said “Just for pun”.

I like my Burrito with Steak and Guacamole. It always sounded funny when people said “Guac”, and when my wife said that too, and said it reminded her of a certain writer style, I couldn’t very well resist the urge now could I?

Until next time,

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