Why the high drama?

Because we’re here to talk about shiny, flashy, glittery matters. We’re here to talk about the evolution of the American dream. We’re here to talk about the new way of living. About consumerism and narcissism. About capitalism and other isms.

The “pilgrims” who came to America to start a new way of life would’ve never imagined just how similar their “New England” would be to the old one. On the other hand, it is nothing like the motherland.
The distance between the first settlements and today’s vast cities, the likes of New York, LA and Chicago is huge. Add the richer suburbs to the mix and you might want to start celebrating the glory of the American Dream! Oh, the land of endless opportunities. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can make it in the states!
Well, we know that is bull shit. Not only riches are reserved for the rich, this gap between the very rich and the very poor seems to only grow with time.
The descendants of the people who severed their ties with the Monarchy, have surrendered to oligarchy.
Within this blinding oblivion, the people are sucked in, deeper into the newest of religions. Consumerism. New-er, mind you. It wasn’t born today, but in the large scheme, it’s a religion in infancy. Sure, its roots go far and deep back into the darkness of history, but it’s celebrated and practiced in all its glory in our fine times.
I won’t dive too deep. You know it. You live it. To an extent, I live it, whether I want to or not.
So why the high drama?
Just, since I observed an evolutionary (not Revolutionary, just Evolutionary) development in the area I live in.
The modern American model living is a small, clean, if possible – green little suburb. You got your piece of grass with a house on. A mall, some strip malls, restaurants and other “facilities” to make sure you don’t die of boredom. Parks, a pond or two, and other shiny things. Ah, the American Dream. It can’t get any better, can it?

Sure it can.

Because the Avalon “Mixed development” (That’s how they call it) is the American Dream V2.0.
So you live in your little suburb and after a while, you’re a little sick of driving all of 10 minutes to the mall. You’re exhausted just thinking about travelling 15 minutes to try a new fusion restaurant. And how about driving the same 10 minutes to the cinema? Please… I’d rather die.

But hold on! There’s Avalon!

Avalon is a place, where for a measly 800K $ to 1.5 Million $ you could purchase your  home right inside this shiny, glittery shopping center! It’s a steal ladies and gentlemen! And why the hell wouldn’t you pay every penny you ever saved and will save for the chance to live in a place where you can spend the rest?
Ah, capitalism in all its might and glory! The rich will take your money and in return, they will give you the golden opportunity to pay them more of it for the shiny stuff they’ll ever so altruistically peddle right outside your door! What about that trickle down effect? We’re glad you asked! We’ll be happy to pay your kids minimum wages to bust their asses selling as much of our shit as possible to you and yours.
See? It works!
God bless America!
Join our cult today! buy more stuff!
Of course, feel free to speak your mind right here!

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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