Welcome back peeps. Hope your black-thanks-cyber-giving-Friday-To-Monday went well. Hope you didn’t get trampled by the masses and had a great Turkey feast with friends and family.

Who Me? Oh, my weekend was splendid, thank you very much. Nothing like some down time to rejuvenate, recuperate and as it happens, speculate.

A little tidbit on the web, reminded me of a fine young lady I meant to address for oh, so long. And what’s better on the tail end of another shopping spree than to talk about the Gwyneth Paltrow?

I’m sure we can find what’s better, but it doesn’t tie nearly as neatly to some recent themes on this very blog as young Gwyneth does. So Gwyneth it is. And yes, I do so enjoy repeating that name in various accents. Try it. Gwyneth.

So, what was it this time, Gwyneth? Oh, yeah. Gift ideas.

See, Gwyneth, and her wonderful team over at goop (I swear, that’s what they call it) thought up some really cool gift ideas for the holidays.

The good people at abc7 (Link at the bottom of post) did us the service of reviewing these awesome gift ideas. and they are marvelous, I say, just marvelous!

A Cashmere cape, a bar cart, some nifty currency cases (must be Gwyneth for a wallet. Just saying. Looks just like a wallet to me. But then again, I’m not Gwyneth). Fabulous ideas Gwyneth! I’m sure the people on the receiving end of this transaction would be absolutely thrilled. And the givers – Ah, what’s better than the gift of giving? Right?

Now, before you run and bring Goop’s servers down with your traffic, just a quick note.

  • That cashmere cape? 3,190 US$
  • The bar cart? 1,495 US$
  • And those lovely currency cases? 285 US$

Ok. Now you can go and raid those fabulous deals over at goop.

That is, of course, if you truly believe that a currency case (Hehe, I can’t get enough of this) that looks like something you’d see in one of those mid isle stands in a mall anywhere, justifies an expense of 285$. You got to ask yourself – what exactly will I have left to keep in said currency case?

Now, a cashmere cape looks very nice and those “throw blankets”… ooh, comfy. They might come in handy when you can’t afford to keep the air conditioner on because you paid over 3 grands on stupid throw blankets.

But I just wasted near 400 words. Why?

Because Gwyneth still lives over in wonderland. Where people can actually afford these ridiculous prices. Where the economy is blooming and no one is struggling to make ends meet. Where a piece of cloth for 3,190 US$ is not an outrage. Where a pair of pants costs 795 US$ even if it looks like sweat pants you can get at Costco (Great sweats by the way).

But this is the world we live in. A world ruled by the one god. Money. And his enthusiastic followers. Us. The consumers.

And really, why am I surprised by Gwyneth? Why does goop disgust me so much? Why am I even annoyed by her elitist and hypocritical endeavor?

After all, was it not our dearest, Gwyneth, who spewed that crap about single-momhood and the woes of a working actress? Why, yes it was.

My 2 cents (cause I don’t have much more to offer in monetary terms, not after that currency case) – Elitists like our dear Gwyneth should not be encouraged. In my humble opinion, it’s nearly the most disgusting facet of consumerism. Dangling the “shiny” and “sparkly” things that her milieu can easily afford in front of the struggling masses. But of course that’s what the economy of debt is there for. Excuse me, while I stop here before I get sick.

/End Rant

ABC7 reviews these fabulous gift ideas

An open letter to Gwyneth

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