I’m so looking forward to this one, I was getting ready to watch it last Saturday… You can imagine my face when I realized it wasn’t for another week. CAN’T WAIT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 2 title fights, 4 magnificent contenders. BRING IT ON!!! And of course, don’t forget to check back by Monday morning, for some after thoughts.


The Morning After:

1. What can I say about Tony Ferguson? That he has a granite chin, the heart of a lion? True, true. I was counting on his excellent movement and I have to admit I was worried in the first round, when Trujillo managed to catch him repeatedly (Kudos to that) and rocked him once really bad. But then, Ferguson pressed the “reset” button, adjusted (like a true mixed martial artist) and gave a technical clinic. Blocked the TDs, when he was temporarily taken town – he got up on pure skill, moved his head out of the way, and eventually sunk that sweet choke… I’m taking this point cause a finish is a finish 🙂 1 for 1.
2. This one had a KO written all over it. I went with the unknown to “upset”, but kudos Duffee on a triumphant return to the octagon! 1 for 2.
3. Travis Browne is one of my favorites. Definitely my favorite HW right after the injured true champ. Not much to say except great movement and great decision making, especially on the ground. Did not try to play the submission game with Schaub and elected to pound. 2 for 3.
4. When Pettis kicked Benson Henderson in that unforgettable fight in WEC, I told people not to think that this would be the highlight of his career. Pettis is the real deal. One of the best champions we have. Are you kidding me? submitting Melendez? The 155 was always a very entertaining weight class and title runs were very difficult to maintain. Barring serious surprises, I predict Pettis will have a good one. He’s far, far from over. Taking half a point for the win. 2.5 for 4.
5. Oh well, I’m not sure in which universe that decision is right… but I’ll take it. Henrdicks did everything right. in my books it was at the very least 48-47 Hendricks (2,3,4). I already saw the comparisons to GSP and they were in place, except… GSP never held on to a single leg for a full round like Johny did in the 5th… But other than that Johny had the fight in his pocket. 3.5 for 5.
If you happened to watch MMA for the first time last night, I allow myself to count you as new fans 🙂 1 decision (and a controversial one at that) and 4 nice finishes. Skills, heart, the whole package. This event ROCKED! See you on UFC182.

Highlights (Credit: MMA Weekly)

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