Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone! Hope you ring in the year on a positive note. Just do me a favor and be safe!

I wanted to take this opportunity and look at what we talked about here in 2014. But unlike the standard-issue photo collage that Facebook randomly generates, I wanted it to be more reflective. More meaningful. So… for that purpose, I picked a post from each month, and put it here for you (There are more, don’t believe me? look for yourself!). I hope you enjoyed reading almost as much as I did writing it 🙂 So with no further delay, here we go: (Each photo is a link to a post)


I started this year with a few words about my second Novel. Words that would echo in one of the final posts of this current year (last one in this post). Talking about the Novel I wanted to write and the one I needed to write.



In February, among other posts, I made a short comparison between “Dexter” and “Breaking bad“. Fun and games folks, not to be taken too seriously.



In this post I talked about what bores me and what will always pique my interest, regardless of the media. Be it Facebook, face to face conversation or a work of literature.



April marked the induction of Nirvana into the Rock n Roll hall of fame, and being a huge fan of Nirvana I took a break to pay honors to this awesome band.



Here I listed 15 reasons NOT to write. Are they enough to stop you from writing? You be the judge.



I shared a nice Q&A I had with an Iranian friend I made over the interweb. Peace!



Sometimes you stumble on greatness. This is what happened to me with the band Muse. And some of their materials I found, are very important, beyond the music.



Having finished watching “The Wire” I found a few parallels with another great series…



A post about the woes of a writer whose English is a second language.



Oh the things we can eat, Oh the things we can do, your mother will not mind at all if you do! 🙂



In November, as public service (You’re welcome), I finally defined “Love” for you. Don’t mention it.



In December, 2014 came full circle and I went back to discussing my second Novel, its completed first draft and the advantages of writing a novel before writing a novel…


T-t-that’s all folks! Come back next year for more, and in the meanwhile, let me know what you think right here below.

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