Welcome one and all. Hope the hangover is gone, and that all is well.

Allow me to take just a moment of your time here on god’s green earth to talk about… time.

As I write these words, the time on the clock is 13:23, which means that, apparently, some thirteen hours and twenty-three minutes have passed since last midnight.

I don’t think I’ll be making some earth shattering revelations here. But I don’t see it as wasting time because… what is time? carving out the day time and night-time into neat segments? measuring these segments by smaller fractions? It makes sense to the human brain I guess, to think this way. You start with a second (you could go smaller of course, but we’re talking about units that could be easily observed by our un-aided mind) and you start multiplying. First by 60 to make an hour, then by 24 to make a day. You can multiply that by 7 to get a week, then by 52 to make a year. Or you can go with months if you’d like. In the corporate/business world there are “work days” and “Man months” which are measured by units of time that vary from the “standard” depending on some social-economic preferences.

In other words, the consensus is pretty much the mathematics of time. Again, makes perfect sense to our brains. The brains who seek comfort and convenience, order and clarity. It enables planning, measurement and drawing conclusions. How else would we be able to know if anything is a success?

Now, we talked about the unit “minute“. But how about the unit “moment“?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a moment is a very short period of time.

Now, since we know that ‘Short‘ is a relative term, is that definition complete? What exactly does it mean? a short period of time?

The mathematicians among you, as I expect many others who have grown to adopt the agreed upon measurement of time, would argue (and with some validity) that it’s probably a few minutes, a few seconds, as those are the smaller fractions used to mark the passage of time.

“Just a moment” normally says “in a few minutes/seconds”.

But I’d argue that “a moment” is merely an undefined period of time. One that could extend far beyond a couple of minutes. I’d argue that because in my book, time is not passing. If anything, it is us who are passing.

If I was to define time, I’d say that it is the infinite. Does time stop? Not even under the current accepted definition of the term is the answer to this ‘Yes’. So if we all agree at least on that statement, then what is ‘a very short period of time’? Could it be an hour? A day? A year?

Can it be our life span?

Think about some of the expressions we use:

  • “How time flies when you’re having fun?”
  • “They grow so fast!”
  • “It seems like only yesterday…”
  • “Life it too short!”

These don’t exactly put too much stock into that whole ‘Time is measurable’ concept, do they? Cause if time was absolute, then time wouldn’t be flying any faster when you’re having fun. Nor would life be too short and the kids? They’d be kids for exactly the same time as any other kids.

“Ah!” I can hear the chorus, “But it’s how we perceive time that makes these statements valid.”

But of course it is. It’s exactly how we perceive time. But can perceptions be changed? Sure they can.

So, what is ‘a moment’?

A moment is whatever the hell you’d like it to be. It could be those two minutes we mean it to be. But in the long run, and that is how I like to view it, our life is a moment. It’s a moment in time, the infinite.

Whenever I bump into that internet fad ‘YOLO’ or whenever I think about the rat race we live in, I try to remind myself that life is simply a moment in time. When I think about it that way, I feel no need to rush anywhere, to run down any kind of bucket list. Regardless of what I do, or not do, for the moment that my life span is, I’d have accomplished a hell of a lot.

Upon further reflection, regardless of what I “achieved” in that moment, the more important thing for me is who I am at the end of that moment.

I sure hope you don’t feel like you wasted your time reading this 🙂 If you’d like to leave a comment, you can take a moment and do that down here.

Until next time (whatever that means…),

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