Hello everyone and welcome back to this first post of 2015 (kind of).

In the past few days/weeks, a video is circulating in Facebook. A tidbit from Jon Stewart’s show that highlights a little story about Salt Lake city in Utah. Go ahead, watch it right here. It’s no problem. I’ll wait.

Done? Good, cause I’m only getting started here.

Why do we have homelessness? How did that start? People down on their luck? People being financially irresponsible? People being lazy? People being swindled out of their money? Is it the economy, stupid?

Why are there hungry people in Africa? So we can tell our kids to finish their meal? Is it because they’re backward out there in the wild?

Why are some people suffering under the weight of the economy, while others swim in money (some quite literally)? Is it because the latter are more gifted? More financially savvy? went to an ivy league university? are whiter?

The economy (whatever the hell that really means) seems like a game played with a finite number of resources. The way it is preached in recent history, one would think that it’s simply a competition over the short blanket, and whoever manages to pull harder gets to have a roof over their head. The bottom line, according to these rules, it seems to the layman (read: me) is that there are either too many people or too little resources.

The world is always in some sort of shortage. Water, oil, rice, blonds. Whatever.

Is it true though?

Is there really not enough water in the world for all of us? Is there really not enough food? Is there really not enough money on the planet to support everybody?

Excuse my French while I call bull fucking shit.

As it is, without changing a single thing, there are enough resources, both natural as well as financial, to ensure that not a single child stays hungry by sunset. There are enough resources to house every individual on the planet in a matter of days. There are enough financial resources to spread the wealth between us all. And if there’s a lack, there’s a very simple way to create more. And please people, please don’t say inflation on this here discussion. I care not for this insult.

Now I know that this would normally trigger the whole capitalism Vs. Communism Vs. Socialism Vs. Whateverism debate. But again. don’t care for any ism at present. All of these are control methods without exception.

We’ve been conditioned to believe in scarcity instead of wealth.

Instead of encouraging growth on all levels, both on population as well as the ability of the individual to produce resources for one’s self. You got to wonder why, don’t you? Would the personal growth not contribute to the abundance of global product? would it not help increase the amount of resources available to man kind? would it not reduce dependency of people on “the economy”?

Say you want to help these poor Africans who starve to death. What would you do? donate a couple of Dollars to some charity organization? one of those non-for-profit (except the profit of the chairman)? Would you parachute some food crates in he middle of the African jungles?

Would it not be wiser to help the people who live there by showing them new ways to sustain? cause we enlightened westerners have all the tricks, why not share?

Why would we not simply give homes to the homeless, like done in Utah? Why would we not help the people who’ve been pushed by whatever ism to the streets? Why would we not spread the wealth? Why wouldn’t we make sure that no one stays hungry?

Because that would change the way things are. No one would be able to feel superior to these “weaklings”.

Because that would be too communist.

Because that would encourage these lazy bums.

Because “why should I?”.

Because I’m entitled to the billions I made and who are you to tell me what to do with my money?

Because I pay my taxes.

Because greed. No one ever has enough. Not enough to eat, not enough money, not enough. more, more, more!!!

Because if you’re such a bleeding heart, why don’t YOU give?

Because there’s absolutely no interest, not really, to change this reality. changing it serves no one. Well, no one of any significance.

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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